Commonwealth of Pennsylvania's Green Procurement Policy

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is a significant purchaser of materials and services and is uniquely positioned to leverage our purchasing power to influence both price and availability in the marketplace.

“Green” or Environmentally Preferable Procurement (EPP) is the selection of products and services that have a lesser or reduced impact on the environment over the life cycle of the product or service when compared with competing products or services serving the same purpose.

Environmental performance considerations include, among other things: the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and air contaminants; improved energy and water efficiency; reduced waste and support of reuse and recycling; the use of renewable resources; reduced hazardous waste; and reduced toxic and hazardous substances.

Our policy is to analyze each commodity and service during the bid process to determine what EPP options are available. The “green” option is utilized whenever the product or service is comparable in quality, availability and price.


 Commonwealth of Pennsylvania's Green Goals

  • Demonstrate environmental leadership and influence industry and citizens to use environmentally preferable goods, services and processes
  • Stimulate innovation and market development of and demand for, environmentally preferred goods and services, making these available and mainstream for other sectors of society
  • Encourage and support emerging environmental technologies


 Department of General Services' Green Procurement Goals

  • Maximize the number of Environmentally Preferable Products on Commonwealth contracts, contributing to a healthier Pennsylvania environment
  • Incorporate environmental considerations as part of our standard purchasing process
  • Increase the awareness of the benefits associated with Green Procurement
  • Provide leadership in Green Procurement practices to minimize environmental impact