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 Welcome to the Office of Health Equity

The Office of Health Equity (OHE) was formally integrated into the Pennsylvania Department of Health through an executive order signed in May 2007.  Located under the Deputate for Health Planning and Assessment, the OHE Director reports to the Deputy Secretary for Health Planning and Assessment.


The role of the OHE is to:

1.       Provide leadership to increase public awareness of health disparities in Pennsylvania.

2.       Advocate for the development of programs to address health disparities.

3.       Work with policy makers, insurers, health care providers and communities to implement policies and programs that result in a measurable and sustained improvement in health status of underserved and disparate populations.

4.       Collaborate with state agencies, academic institutions, community based organizations, health partners, providers and others in the public and private sectors to eliminate health disparities in Pennsylvania.



Our Programs

As the Office of Health Equity, we are collaborating with health department staff, other state government agencies, educational institutions, health providers and community based organizations in their efforts to achieve health equity.  We work with these entities to develop their capacity to serve diverse populations through building their cultual competency skills and their ability to meet CLAS Standards.

The OHE also serves as a resource to people interested in learning about health disparities in Pennsylvania.  Please see the tabs below for more information.

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