What is adultBasic?

In June 2001 the Health Investment Insurance Act (Act 77 of 2001) was signed into law.  Act 77 was an initiative that invested the proceeds of the state‚Äôs tobacco settlement in the health of Pennsylvania consumers.  Pennsylvania is expected to receive approximately $11 billion over the course of 25 years, or approximately $400 million each year.  The single largest component of Act 77 provides money to pay for health insurance for uninsured Pennsylvanians between 19 and 65.

The program, called adultBasic, was designed to provide health insurance for adults meeting certain eligibility requirements and who do not have health insurance.  It is administered by the Pennsylvania Insurance Department. Through contracts with insurance companies throughout the state, adultBasic offers basic benefits including preventative care, physician services, diagnosis and treatment of illness or injury, in-patient hospitalization, out-patient hospital services, emergency accident and medical care. 

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