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Birth, Death, and Other Vital Statistics

Birth Statistics
Large volume of the latest available and historical state, county and municipality data by age, race/ethnicity and various birth-related topics.
* Death Statistics
Large volume of the latest available and historical state, county and municipality data by age, race/ethnicity and various death-related topics.

Pennsylvania Vital Statistics
Annual report of births, deaths, abortion, pregnancy and population statistics for the state, counties and major municipalities. Each report contains over 200 pages of statistics, charts and maps.


County Health Profiles
A series of 68 individual statistical reports - one for each county and one for the state. Numerous statistics are shown for various health-related subject areas.


Health Status Indicators for Pennsylvania Counties and Health Districts
This report includes statistics on 17 health status indicators for the United States, Pennsylvania, counties and Health Districts. Significance testing results are also presented on county-outlined maps.

* Maternal and Child Health Status Indicators for Pennsylvania and Major Municipalities
29 reports (28 municipalities and PA) with statistics on birth data, deaths among youth, and infant deaths.
* Family Health Statistics for Pennsylvania and Counties
Tracking Healthy People objectives related to maternal, infant, child and youth health status in the state and counties.
* Vital Statistics for Pennsylvania 1906-2012
Pamphlet that shows basic vital statistics for the state as far back as possible.
* Marriage and Divorce Statistics
Occurrence data for the state and counties.
* Pennsylvania Abortion Report - 2013
Annual report displaying various abortion statistics for the state and counties.
* Maternal Death Report - 2012
Annual report displaying maternal death statistics for the state.
* Discover the Most Popular or Unique First Names in Pennsylvania
Interactive first name lookup tool and frequency tables for the state.

To access vital statistics for the United States, go to the National Center for Health Statistics web site.


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Epidemiologic Query and Mapping System (EpiQMS)
An interactive health statistics web tool where you can create customized data tables, charts, maps and county assessments/profiles.

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