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HEOA 2010 Report: 2008-2009 Academic Year
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The page contains documents and information needed for completing the 2010 HEOA Report Card.

Documents:  All relevant documents are provided for completing the HEOA Institution Report Card.  Final Submission Deadline is April 30, 2010.

Cover Email Distributed for HEA Title II Data Collection Instrument  (pdf)

Title II IHE Report Card Instructions March 2010 (pdf)

Title II IHE Report Card Glossary 2010 (pdf)

Title II IHE Report Card April 2010: EXCEL Data Collection Tool (Excel)

PA CIPS to use for reporting academic major (Excel)

PowerPoints and Webinars:

Webinar PowerPoint Presentation for March 19, 2010 and March 31, 2010 (PDF)

Recording of the March 19, 2010 Webinar

Announcements:  This section has periodic updates and important announcemnts for IHE Title II contacts.

March 26, 2010:  The Title II Contact will receive updated certification reports for their candidates that received a certification from PA in the following Academic years (September 1 - August 31): 


 For the purposes of completing the IHE Report Card for April 30, 2010, please disregard any candidate certification reports the Title II contact and/or the Dean received before March 26, 2010.

Resource Links:

U.S. Department of Education Technical Assistance Website  This website contains additional information in completing the IHE Title II Report Card by April 30, 2010.  Types of documents include:

  • FAQs
  • Levels of Reporting
  • Tips for:

            -Organizing Data 

          -Basics of Collecting & Reporting Pass Rates 

          -Pass Rate Templates (required in 2011) 

          -Race & Ethnicity Data
          -Enrolled Students and Program Completers 

          -Supervised Clinical Experience & Nonclinical Coursework 


ETS's Title II Secure Website for Cohort Score and Completer Verification:  Praxis I & Praxis II   This website allows IHE access to view and verify their candidates Praxis pass.

Steps for verification:

1.  Enter the application password. 
2.  Click on the "Submit" button. 
3.  Select your state, then click on "Submit." 
4.  Select your institution 
5.  Enter yur institution password (this password remains the same as it was last year). 
6.  Click on the "Login" button. 
7.  Select the cohort you would like to access. 

ACTFL Proficiency Assessments for PA Teachers:  LTI Website   This website gives access for candidates to register for PA approved language assessments, list the individual assessments, and contains contact information for the testing company.

IHE Report Cards:  Report Cards will be posted when released by USDE

State Report Card:  Filing Deadline October 7, 2010  PA Title II State Report Card will be posted when USDE releases in fall of 2010.


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