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December 10, 2014 -- STAR New Bug Issue Resolved

The new issue on screen submittals related to last weekend's release has now been resolved.  We are asking that all providers who entered screens between Saturday, December 6th and yesterday, December 9th, verify that the screens are saved in the system.  During this timeframe, some providers were unable to "Submit" screens but were able to "Save" them.  If you were able to save your screen and need to submit it to an SCA, you are now able to do so.  For providers who have the ability to submit screens to other providers, your submit functionality has now been returned to its normal settings as well.  Thank you for your patience as we worked through this unforeseen issue.

December 8, 2014 -- STAR Update Released this Weekend

Over the weekend, STAR was updated to resolve several bugs and to roll out a few additional reports.  Unfortunately, this release introduced a new bug on the provider-side when submitting Screens. 

Details on the fixed bugs and new bug can be found on the STAR Known Bugs page at  Items resolved with this release indicated a fixed date of 12/8/2014 in the Status column.  The new bug have a status of "New".  We are diligently working to resolve this new issue and will keep you apprised of our progress.

This release also includes the rollout of six more reports (five reports on provider side and three reports on payer side).  The specific lists of reports can be found on the STAR Reports page located at  Report definitions will be added to the page shortly.

October 10, 2014 -- STAR Update Just Released

Last night, STAR was updated to resolve several bugs, to further improve performance and to roll out a few additional reports.  Please visit the STAR Known Bugs page at for a list of specific bugs fixed with this release.

The STAR Reports page ( lists the additional reports just released and includes definitions for these reports.   Please let us know of any reports that you particularly need so that we can line it up for re-release. Request for re-release of reports should be emailed to us at

All STAR has been regained.  The issues experienced earlier today was due to the RSS feed being down.  That RSS feed is linked to the Home tab under both the Payer and Provider Client Management applications.

To immediately resolve this issue, we have redirected the Home tab to pick up RSS feed.  In a future release, STAR will be reprogrammed to automatically switch to the secondary RSS feed if the primary feed is down.

We apologize for any inconvenince you experienced due to STAR's performance issues this morning.

STAR is experiencing performance issues this morning.  During this time, you will likely experience an application error and/or slowed performance if you're able to access the application (on both provider and payer sides). 

We will update you as soon as we have more information.

September 8, 2014

Over this past weekend, STAR was updated to resolve several bugs, to improve the upload utilities, to address a few performance issues, and to begin the process of reanalyzing all reports for accuracy.   

As we announced on August 1, 2014, all reports have been removed from the application except for the following five reports: 

  • Message Log Report (on both payer and provider)
  • Active Client Listing (on payer)
  • Current Clients by Case Manager (on provider)
  • Current Clients by Program (on provider)
  • Encounters by Location Clinician (on provider)

The STAR Reports page ( includes definitions for these reports and a listing of the reports to be released during the next two rounds of upgrades.  Please let us know of any reports that you particularly need so that we can line it up for re-release.  Request for re-release of reports should be emailed to us at

Performance fixes included the automatic archiving of messages from the message log.  Processed messages more than 90-days old will be archived and only viewable from the Message Log Report.

Our next tentative upgrade date is set for late September/early October.  Please refer to the STAR Known Bugs page and the STAR Reports page for items to be included in the next upgrade.  

August 4, 2014

Over this past weekend, we completed several performance upgrades to the STAR application.  Based on today’s monitoring of the application and feedback from several end-user groups, we are now experiencing improved performance. 

We are now experiencing less than a 1% failure rate due to timeout issues and application errors.  Your continued patience is appreciated while we continue to address these outstanding issues.

As part of this upgrade, you will now only see the last 3 months of “processed” messages in your message log.  Please note that messages you submit to another party will enter a “processed” status once the recipient has processed your messages. 

Now that this part of the system is functioning better, we are requesting that all providers and SCAs develop a plan on getting caught up in processing messages.  If you need assistance in understanding how best to tackle a backlog of “received” messages, please contact STAR Support at or by calling 717-783-8200.

August 1, 2014

Over the past few months, the increased utilization of STAR has resulted in a direct impact to the overall performance of the system.  We thank each of you for your continued patience as we diligently work to resolve the performance and functionality of this system.  Having deployed Google Analytics a few weeks ago, we have gained new insight into the application.  We are now able to tell, in real time, how many users are on the system, how quickly pages are loading, which pages are being accessed in the system, error messages that are occuring, and a host of other data points.  This tool is providing us with valuable insight which is assisting us in identifying key problem areas in the application.


Through this new level of analysis and our service provider’s continued support, we have identified several key areas of the site that are impacting performance.  One of the biggest areas causing performance issues is the Message Log.  While we have modified this area of the application during several upgrades starting in March, we are still actively identifying new ways to further improve the efficiency of the Message Log.  You will soon notice that “processed” messages older than 3 months will no longer be displayed under the Messages tab.  These messages will be archived in the database.  In the short-term, you will not have access to the archived messages, but we are working on ways to make them available to you in the future. 


Until this modification has been implemented, you may notice a delayed response when accessing the Messages tab.  We are also asking that you hold off on processing any messages, if at all possible, between 9 am and 3 pm while site utilization is at its peak.  When messages are processed during peak utilization, the system freezes which may result in other users receiving application errors and getting kicked out of the system.  This upgrade will also include several other modifications to improve performance in retrieving data from the system.  Future upgrades will focus on authorization requests and approvals, which we know are other areas that need revision. 


Over the past week, we have also been testing an upgrade that primarily involves reports and the upload utility.  Once this upgrade has been released, you will notice the following modifications:


  • Reports – All system reports, but five, will be removed from the application.  The five reports that will remain on the site are undergoing detailed testing to ensure that the reports run with accurate results.  Over the next few months, all other reports will be released back on the site as we complete detailed testing on them.  A complete report release schedule will be posted on the STAR help page in the near future.  The five reports that will remain on the site are as follows:
    • Message Log Report (on both payer and provider)
    • Active Client Listing (on payer)
    • Current Clients by Case Manager (on provider)
    • Current Clients by Program (on provider)
    • Encounters by Location Clinician (on provider)
  • Upload Utility – The upload utility is being modified to address some validation issues and to ensure that all available options in the web-based interface are accepted through the upload utility.  Specific details will be made available through an update of the STAR Treatment Data Upload Utility guide. 


Further details regarding these upcoming improvements will be provided as specific release dates become known.  



September 29, 2014 -- UPDATE
September 29, 2014

Contact STAR Support

We are here to assist you.  Contact us for issues you encounter in STAR, workflow challenges and questions related to the system.  We will do our best to get you an answer as quickly as possible.

Phone:  717-783-8200 (Available 8 am to 4:30 pm)


Be sure to provide us with the following information:

  • Your Name
  • Phone #
  • Email Address
  • Best time to reach you
  • Description of the Issue
  • Screenshots (if possible) -- Be sure to redact any client-specific information

If you are experience performance issues with STAR, please complete the STAR Performance Issues form and email it to use at

Tell Us How We Did

We are focused on resolving your issues as quickly as possible.  We are working on developing targeted service levels for issues reported to the STAR Helpdesk.  Please note that any issue classified as an enhancement is referred to the STAR Advisory Committee for further action.

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Involve Your IT Department

STAR is very browser specific and works optimally with I.E. 8.  Share this "must know" information with your IT Department to ensure that your browser settings are compatible for use with STAR.  We highly recommend that these settings be established in your organization's IT security settings.

Keep Informed of Known System Bugs and Projected Dates for Resolution

If you've encountered a bug in STAR, it is likely that other users have also encountered the same issue.  Keep informed about known issues in STAR and be sure to share with us other issues that you're encountering so that we can get those issues resolved.  Touch base periodically on projected resolution dates for known issues.

Check Out Our Frequently Asked Questions

We've posted the most Frequently Asked Questions so that these solutions are at your fingertips.  Check back as we continue to expand this area.

Obtain Training

We are pleased to announce that we are expanding our training curriculum.  In the next few months, we'll beginning rolling out training videos so that you can learn all about STAR or simply refresh your memory on a particular topic. 

Access STAR Resources

We've got a wide array of resources for your use.  Check out our Upload Utility document, report definitions and much more.

Meet the STAR Advisory Committee

The STAR Advisory Committee was formed in 2012 to prioritize enhancements for STAR.  We are currently revisiting our charter to strengthen the partnership between the SCAs, providers and Department of Drug & Alcohol Programs to continue guiding this application into the future.