Bureau of Health Care Services

Christopher H. Oppman, MBA, MHA Director

Phone: (717) 728-5309


Food Service Division ~ Marcia Noles, Chief

Phone:  (717) 728-2094

The bureau’s functions include:

Clinical Services Division: The division is responsible for planning, organizing, training, directing, managing and evaluating health care and psychiatric services in state correctional institutions and corrections diagnostic and classification centers which include: policymaking, evaluation and monitoring of the infection control program, clinical/legal analysis, long-term care facility review and inmate placement, guidance of professional practice and State Board of Corrections professional standards, maintenance of professional staffing, and management of professional services such as pre- and post-operative care, long-term care, physical examinations, medical and surgical treatment, mental health, psychiatry, dentistry, medical and x-ray technology, nursing care, physical therapy, dietary services and medical records maintenance.

Quality Improvement Division: Plans, develops and directs the work of an integrated multidisciplinary staff in the state correctional institutions. Engaged in monitoring and evaluating medical functions in terms of quality improvement processes and risk management. Activities include: on-site visits; development and annual revision of statewide Quality Improvement Plan; participation in the development of Chronic Disease Management; assessments of institution performance in Quality Improvement Program; evaluation and staff training of Quality Improvement processes; reviewing management performance audits; and the monitoring and development of health care policies.

Food Services Division: Establishes standards and policies for the preparation and service of all food items in the department. Ensures compliance in maintaining the highest professional standards of security, sanitation, physical hygiene and safety. Monitors production of appetizing, appealing and tasteful meals that satisfy the nutritional requirements of the institutional population. Initiates the development of knowledge and skills so that, with further training, an inmate can continue to advance in the food service profession. Maintain the standards for food service operations under the jurisdiction of the Department of Corrections according to the American Correctional Association. Monitors all food service operations through periodic inspections and reports. Coordinates matters pertaining to food service in the institutions, facilities, Bureau of Correctional Industries, and other Commonwealth agencies.