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Before calling the DOC to inquire about employment, please review the information on this page which discusses types of employment, employment applications, veterans preference, employee benefits, employee training and unpaid student internships:


Types of Employment


There are two general types of employment available with the Department of Corrections -- Civil Service and Non-Civil Service.


Each are separate employment processes which are administered by organizations separate from the Department of Corrections.


Civil Service employment is the responsibility of the State Civil Service Commission (SCSC).


The State Civil Service Commission (SCSC) publishes a "Summary of Civil Service Examinations" each month. This summary lists examination programs that are open for testing and the closing dates for each exam. The list of examinations can be viewed at: Summary of Civil Service Examinations or they can mail a Summary of Examinations and Civil Service Application to you upon request. You should review the job announcements for any job titles which you are interested in (see DOC Civil Service Job listing) and complete a separate Civil Service Application (SCSC-1), for each job announcement. You may use the SCSC's online application process for any Job title which does not require an application supplement. (review the job announcement to see if the given job title requires a written test or an application supplement).

If you apply for a job that requires a written examination, the SCSC will schedule you and notify you of the time and date of the testing. Your qualifications may not be reviewed until after you have taken the test. Make sure you meet all requirements listed in the job announcement; if you do not, your test results will not be counted. If the job you applied for does not require a written exam, your application will be rated based on the experience and training you list on your application or application supplement. The SCSC will send you the results, based upon your score. You will be ranked on the Civil Service eligible list, by county, for the job title along with all other candidates ranked in test score order.


Click here to view a listing of Department of Corrections Civil Service Jobs

Or, to see more information on all Civil Service jobs used by the Commonwealth, visit the SCSC website at:


Non-Civil Service employment is managed by the Governor’s Office of Administration, Bureau of State Employment (BSE).


Generally, a person not currently employed by the Commonwealth will have a greater chance of securing employment by applying to these organizations for future vacancies, rather than attempting to apply directly to the Department of Corrections for currently advertised vacancies. The Human Resource Office in each institution or the Bureau of Human Resources in the Department of Corrections’ Central Office can assist you in the application process.

The Governor's Office of Administration, Bureau of State Employment (BSE) acts as a referral organization for Non-Civil Service positions for all organizations under the Governor's jurisdiction. When we have a Non-Civil Service vacancy, we will request a referral list from BSE. The Bureau of State Employment will provide a candidate list based on the requirements of the position and the qualifications of the applicants.

The Department does not interview applicants for entry-level positions unless they are first referred to us by BSE. (Exception: see below for positions covered by On The Spot Interview Process.) Non-entry level positions are filled through BSE only if qualified Department employees having seniority rights are not available or have not expressed interest in the advertised vacancy.

Applicants can search for job opportunities and complete the BSE online application by Clicking Here.


The Department of Corrections is authorized to directly recruit applicants for the following Job Titles: Corrections Locksmith, Corrections Sewage Treatment Plant Foreman, Corrections Water Treatment Plant Foreman, Corrections Community Center Monitor, and Nurse Aide. Applicants interested in these positions should complete a resume and send it directly to the facility where they are seeking employment. Applicants for Corrections Community Center Monitor positions should send all materials to the Community Corrections Center that they are interested in working at.

Click here to view a list of Department of Corrections Non-Civil Service Jobs

Employment Applications

Online applications can be filled out at the State Civil Service Commission (SCSC) and the Bureau of State Employment (BSE) websites. For some Job Titles the Civil Service Commission requires a paper application & application supplement to be fill out, and mailed to one of the SCSC's regional offices. The SCSC website will have more information on which jobs need a paper application, and will have a copy of the application that can be downloaded or printed.

DOC Employment Application

Position Vacancy Interest Form

How to Apply

Please Note: The DOC application is only for the use of current Commonwealth employees that are applying for Department of Corrections’ positions, or for candidates who have already been conditionally selected through the Civil Service hiring process. Non-Commonwealth employees should only complete this application if they have been directed to do so by the Department of Corrections Human Resources staff.

Veterans Preference

The Pennsylvania Department of Corrections has a long history of hiring veterans from all branches of the military for many of our job titles. If you take and pass a civil service examination, you may be entitled to receive the addition of 10 points to your score and preference in hiring.

Click Here for a Veterans Preference Information Sheet

Employee Benefits


The Commonwealth provides a full range of benefits for regular salaried (full-time) employees and on a prorated basis for qualified part-time employees. The benefit entitlement includes health insurance, life insurance, workers compensation, retirement, deferred compensation, and an attractive leave program. Employees may choose from various health benefit options. Employees hired after August 1, 2003 are assessed 1% of their bi-weekly gross salary plus the difference of any plan that is above the least expensive plan. Employees may add dependents at a higher cost during their initial six months of employment. After six months of employment, employees become eligible for supplemental benefits which include dental, vision and prescription. The dependent buy up is reduced after the initial six months of employment. If elected, coverage begins on the first day of employment, and there is no pre-existing exclusion clause. The choices are:

+ The Consumer Driven Health Plan option is designed to encourage employees to ask and obtain the most appropriate and cost-effective health care. It combines a “high deductible” PPO-type plan with contributions on your behalf to a Health Reimbursement Account for out-of-pocket costs.

+ The Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) option is an organized health care delivery system that provides care through a network of participating medical providers. Employees enrolling in an HMO must select a primary care physician to manage and direct all medical care.

+ The Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) Option provides health care through a network of participating medical providers. This option is in lieu of the Basic Option to eligible employees who reside in the five-county Philadelphia area.

Employees earn a greater amount of "annual" or vacation leave based on years of service with the Commonwealth. Newly hired employees earn 7 vacation days annually (management employees earn 10 days). Commonwealth employees also have 11 paid holidays annually. Corrections Officers, Food Service, and Maintenance & Trades employees have a flexible Combined Leave benefit where new employees earn 15 vacation days in their 1st year of employment, and 20 or more days in their 2nd and subsequent years of employment.

Other benefits include a Family Care Account Program, Family Care Leave Without Pay with Benefits, Paid Military Leave, Military Leave Without Pay, Paid Sick Leave, Sick Leave Without Pay with Benefits, credit union, direct deposit, life insurance, and the State Employees Assistance Program. The maximum amount of life insurance coverage available is $40,000. It is a term insurance policy and is equal to the nearest $1,000 of the employees annual salary, which is updated the first pay period of each January until the maximum is reached. The work-related accidental death benefit is an additional $10,000.

Almost all Commonwealth employees contribute 6.25 percent of their salary to the State Employees Retirement System. The retirement benefit is a fixed benefit determined by the following formula: 2% X class of service multiplier X years of credited service X final average salary.


Normal retirement age is age 65 with at least 3 years of service if hired on or after January 1, 2011 with no prior footprint in SERS, age 60 with at least 3 years of service if hired prior to January 1, 2011 or 35 years of service at any age if hired prior to January 1, 2011, if they were hired on or after January 1, 2011 they need a minimum of 35 years of service plus their age has to equal at least 92.


H1 bargaining unit members (e.g. Corrections Officers) can have health benefits at age 55 with 20 years if hired on or after January 1, 2011 and no prior footprint in SERS. H1 bargaining unit members hired prior to January 1, 2011 can have health benefits at age 50 with 20 years of service (15 years of service if they met certain grandfather provisions) or any age with at least 25 years of service for both periods.


* Health Plan availability may vary depending upon county of residence.

Employee Training


All new employees within the Department of Corrections receive training at the beginning and throughout employment.

New employees responsible for the care, custody and control of inmates must complete one year of on-the-job training. Three or four weeks of basic training are completed at the Departments Training Academy in Elizabethtown, Lancaster County. The training classes, plus room and board (not provided for employees of SCI Camp Hill and Central Office due to travel proximity to the Training Academy) are provided at no expense to the employees. Courses in interpersonal communication skills, inmate behavior, suicide prevention, self-defense, understanding and dealing with narcotics, search procedures, report writing, basic First Aid, CPR and riot control are offered. Corrections Officer Trainee candidates must successfully complete four weeks of basic training to continue their employment. Employees with limited contact with inmates attend either a one or two week basic training program.





Unpaid student internships are available with the Department of Corrections. Each state correctional institution is responsible for selecting their own student interns. If you are interested in an unpaid student internship with the Department of Corrections, please contact the specific state correctional institution at which you would like to perform your internship. Click on the link below to go to the institution site map, click on the institution of your choice, and call the number listed for that institution and speak to the Human Resource Officer. There are also unpaid internship opportunities in Central Office in Mechanicsburg, PA as well as a limited number of paid internship opportunities in Correctional Industries in Camp Hill, PA. For information regarding Central Office or Correctional Industries internships, please call 717-728-5357 or via email at

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 “The Department of Corrections is an Equal Opportunity Employer”