Bureau of Operations

Marcel Tassin, Director

Phone: (717) 728-0375

The bureau contains two divisions – Maintenance/Construction/Capital Programs and Safety & Environmental Protection – and maintains the Central Office Department Building Maintenance, Right-to-Know Program and department recycling program.

The office assists the Deputy Secretary for Administration by providing the planning requirements for capital equipment improvements and for the expansion of departmental physical plants; maintains records and monitors the use and disposition of all department land, buildings, facilities and its subdivisions; and makes studies and recommendations for staffing patterns and programming of all department facilities as they relate to the various divisions concerning operations.

Maintenance/Construction/Capital Programs Division: The division coordinates and monitors all activities pertaining to maintenance/construction and capital program projects at each institution, including projects concerning correctional industries. The division also serves as a liaison with other state agencies and departments on all matters pertaining to maintenance and construction in the institution, represents the department in the planning and review process on all major construction projects and attends all job conferences held with designers and contractors on all construction projects.

Safety and Environmental Protection Division: The division coordinates, implements and monitors activities concerning loss prevention and control, health preservation and risk management at the institutions, community corrections centers and central office. It coordinates policies and compliance to applicable federal, state, municipal and department policy and codes via on-site reviews and records. It also provides educational opportunities to staff concerning policies, procedures and methods for environmental and safety issues and serves as a liaison between the department and federal, state and independent safety and health agencies.