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There are many factors to consider when selecting a college, university or other postsecondary institution, such as types of degree programs offered, location, flexibility in scheduling including evening and online course offerings and cost.  Use the resources below to find the postsecondary institution that is "right" for you!

Things to Consider

Getting training after high school may help you get a better-paying job doing work you like.  But going to school is a big investment so make sure you choose the right one by knowing the facts before you go.

 Types of Postsecondary Institutions in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is home to nearly 300 postsecondary institutions that offer every career choice and degree program a student could want.  Use the links below to learn more about each type of postsecondary institution and then search for institutions that interest you. 

For a map of where these institutions are located, click here.

Considering a postsecondary institution in Pennsylvania?

Use EDNA to locate the name and addresses of postsecondary institutions in the Commonwealth. 

Use PDE's Institution Program Search to find postsecondary institutions in Pennsylvania that offer specific programs and degrees.

Want to research postsecondary institutions throughout the United States?

Expand your search with College Navigator, the U.S. Department of Education's national college search website. 

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