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Office of Bureau Director
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Bureau of Postsecondary and Adult Education

Office of the Bureau Director

The Bureau of Postsecondary and Adult Education is responsible for:

  • coordinating the overisght of educational institutions including colleges, universities, seminaries, professional schools and private postsecondary career and technical schools;
  • administering initiatives aimed at improving access to postsecondary education in the commonwealth;
  • coordinating Pennsylvania's college credit transfer system;
  • serving as the Department's liaison to the commonwealth's 14 community colleges;
  • administering the commonwealth adult and family literacy education program

The bureau consists of three divisions, as well as several distinct programs and initiatives.

Division of Higher and Career Education

The Division of Higher and Career Education processes the authorization of degree-granting institutions in Pennsylvania and approves new programs if required.   For more information call (717) 783-8228 or email RA-COLLUNIVSEMINFO@pa.gov.

The Division of Higher and Career Education also licenses and regulates private, postsecondary career and trade schools in Pennsylvania and processes the approval to grant specialized associate degrees.  For more information, call (717) 783-8228 or email ra-pls@pa.gov.

The Division of Veterans/Military Education

The Division of Veterans/Military Education approves postsecondary schools, apprenticeship/on-the-job training and licensure/certification examinations so that eligible veterans, reservists and dependents can use their G.I. Bill benefits.  For more information, call (717) 787-2414 or email RA-VetEd@pa.gov.

The Division of Adult Education

The Division of Adult Education directs and administers adult basic education and literacy programs throughout the Commonwealth; administers the Commonwealth Secondary School Diploma and general Educational DevelopmentĀ® (GED) programs; and coordinates federal and state adult basic and literacy education grant programs. For more information, call (717) 787-5532 or email ra-able@pa.gov.

Bureau Programs and Initiatives 

The bureau oversees several specially-funded initiatives aimed at increasing student access to higher education and helping students complete their postsecondary goals.



For additional information, please contact:

Bureau of Postsecondary and Adult Education |
Pennsylvania Department of Education
333 Market Street, 12th Fl | Harrisburg, PA 17126-0333
Phone: 717.787.4313 | Fax: 717.783.0583
ra-highereducation@pa.gov | www.education.state.pa.us