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     Completing daily financial transactions, assisting in annual agency budget preparations, counseling state retirees about pensions, and investigating fraud at financial institutions are just a few of the types of financial work activities performed by employees working for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  Each financial job title contributes to the common goal of ensuring the economic stability of Commonwealth operations for the benefit of all Pennsylvania residents.  In this tough economy, this work can be extremely challenging but very rewarding at the same time.  Be it day-to-day operations, or long-term projects, nearly all Commonwealth agencies utilize financial professionals.  Some of the financial job opportunities offer flexible work schedules and even the ability to work from home.  The demand remains strong for individuals with the critical skills needed for these jobs.   

     Commonwealth opportunities provide ample room for career growth and advancement.  Many entry-level positions are stepping stones to fulfilling and rewarding careers.  For example, you can start your journey as a Fiscal Assistant, Financial Programs Trainee, Accountant 1, or Depository Financial Institutions Examiner 1, and Non-Depository Financial Institutions Examiner 1 with the opportunity to advance to higher levels such as Accountant 2 and 3, Budget Analyst, Auditor 1 and 2, and Senior Associate Financial Examiner, as just a start.  Each step along your path will bring additional responsibilities as well as increased compensation.  There are many financial paths within the Commonwealth; you only need to find the one that is right for you.

     While financial positions exist statewide, the vast majority of opportunities are in Harrisburg.  To learn more about these careers, view the online version of our Career Opportunities for Financial Professionals Brochure.  To browse a list of financial job titles that are currently available for application, visit the Job Seekers listing of currently open Administrative, Accounting, and Fiscal Control examination programs.  Keep in mind that this listing changes as some job titles close for application and others open, so check back often.

     Similar financial employment opportunities exist in local government agencies and the application process for many of these jobs is also through the State Civil Service Commission. To identify currently available local government job titles on the Job Seekers listing, look for (Local Government) following the job title.