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Do you enjoy the challenges of today's technology?

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     Whether you are designing a new website, creating an application, troubleshooting in a customer service environment, or working at the Commonwealth server farm, all of these IT assignments provide critical support to Pennsylvania government operations.  Each day presents a new set of challenges to tackle; each project, an opportunity to contribute to improved services for all Pennsylvanians.  Be it day-to-day operations, or long term projects, nearly all Commonwealth agencies utilize IT professionals.  The demand remains strong for qualified individuals in this career field.

     Commonwealth opportunities provide ample room for career growth and advancement.  Many entry-level positions are stepping stones to fulfilling and rewarding careers.  For example, you can start your journey as an Information Technology Trainee, promote to Information Technology Generalist 1, advance to Information Technology Generalist 2, then Information Technology Generalist Administrator 1, and so on.  Each step along this path comes with additional responsibilities as well as an increase in compensation.  There are many paths like this available within the Commonwealth; you only need to find the one that is right for you.

     Seasoned IT professionals are in high demand. If you have previous work experience in the field of applications development, please visit our Immediate Needs page for current vacancy information. 

     Being such a large employer, the Commonwealth has many exciting projects that provide an opportunity to develop IT skills while making a significant contribution at the same time.  One project currently underway is the Telecom Project, which is a restructure of the Commonwealth network communications infrastructure.

     In addition to challenging projects, the Commonwealth also provides excellent training opportunities.  The Office of Administration’s Office of Information Technology offers both online and instructor lead project management training that is free of charge and provides key terminology and concepts that aligns to the Project Management Institutes standards.

     While positions exist statewide, the vast majority of IT opportunities are in Harrisburg.  To learn more about these careers, view our Career Opportunities for Information Technology Professionals Brochure.  To browse a list of IT job titles that are currently available for application, visit the Job Seekers listing of currently open Information Technology examination programs.  Keep in mind that this listing changes as new job titles open and others close, so check back often.

     Similar opportunities may exist in local goverment agencies, and you may apply for many of these jobs through the State Civil Service Commission.  For more information on these agencies and their needs, refer to the local government section of our website.