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Do you enjoy scientific research and exploration?

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     Scientific professionals working for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania are immersed in examination, exploration, research, conservation, preservation, and regulation.  They are responsible for the protection of Pennsylvania’s natural resources, which exist in many forms.  From the Entomologist who first discovers the impact of an invasive insect to the Radiation Health Physicist who monitors the amount of radiation being emitted, our scientific specialists make a daily impact on the lives of all Pennsylvanians.

     Commonwealth employment opportunities in the sciences provide ample room for career growth and advancement.  Many entry-level positions are stepping stones to fulfilling and rewarding careers.  For example, you may begin your journey as a Wildlife Biologist 1, be assigned more responsibility as a Wildlife Biologist 2, advance to become an Ecological Program Specialist, move on to be an Ecological Services Manager, and so on.  Each step along this path comes with additional responsibilities and learning opportunities, along with an increase in compensation.  There are many scientific paths like this available within the Commonwealth; you only need to find the one that is right for you.

     Professional opportunities in the sciences exist statewide.  To learn more about these careers, view the online version of our Career Opportunities for Science Professionals Brochure.  To browse a list of scientific job titles currently available for application, visit the Engineering and Environmental Control and Law Enforcement, Investigation and Safety areas of the Job Seekers section of our website.  Keep in mind that this listing changes as new job titles open and others close, so please check back often.