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     Whether you’re assisting members of the community on their journey toward financial self-sufficiency, breaking down barriers that disabled individuals face when seeking employment, or counseling youth and adults in correctional institutions as they begin their reintegration into society, you’re making a valuable difference in people’s lives.  The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania offers careers in social services that enable individuals to give the extra push others need to get over the speed bumps of life.

     Commonwealth opportunities provide ample room for career growth and advancement.  Many entry-level positions are stepping stones to fulfilling and rewarding careers.  For example, you can start your career as a Youth Development Aide and promote to Youth Development Aide Supervisor before advancing to Youth Development Counselor.  After gaining some counseling experience, doors open to many different opportunities in the field of social services.  Each step along this path comes with additional responsibilities as well as an increase in compensation.  In addition to numerous entry-level employment opportunities, the Commonwealth also has a vast number of careers for seasoned professionals.  There are many paths like this available within the Commonwealth; you only need to find the one that is right for you.

     To get more specific information about our opportunities, go to our Job Seekers page and select the listing of currently open Social and Employment Services examination programs.  You can also view the online version of our Social Services Opportunities in the Commonwealth Brochure.  Our Social and Employment Services category includes a wide range of employment options for individuals who are interested in a career in social services.   Keep in mind that this listing changes as new job titles open and others close, so please check back often.