Hiring Employees

Once a candidate is selected, follow your agency’s procedures to secure all necessary approvals and make an offer of employment.


Every employee should be onboarded. Most employees will go through an online orientation process. The online orientation includes required employment forms, policy acknowledgements, job details and benefits information. The content for the online site is available for our reference. Since this is a new process for the commonwealth, talking points are also available to help you speak with your agency supervisors. Supervisors should be getting the rest of their orientation information from supervisor self service.

Please see the HR Office's Onboarding Handbook for more information on providing new employees with access to the online orientation at their workstation or in the HR office. For exceptional cases when an employee faces language, accessibility or technology barriers and is unable to work online, an alternate delivery print packet is available. Paper should only be used in exceptional cases when employees do not have access to a computer at offices. Agency HR offices can find additional information in PA Alert 2012-06. Employees and supervisors can contact the HR Service Center, Employee Services at 866.377.2672 for assistance.

Use PA Alert 2012-12 for more information on the E-PAR process, including what to attach to your E-PAR if you are hiring an employee who is not included in the online orientation. The following resources are also available to you:

  • Fill a Vacant Position E-PAR Worksheet
  • HR Office's Roles and Responsibilities
  • Quick Guide for New Employees
  • Emergency Contacts Report Instructions 
  • HR Service Center Contact Card Reorder Instructions
  • Use the Master Roles Document to identify which roles your new employees may need to be assigned in SAP.

    After beginning commonwealth employment, employees will receive an employee mobility survey. This is in addition to the onboarding surveys they will receive throughout their first year of employment.

    You should encourage survey participation and regularly review the data collected through these surveys.  HR professionals with the employee mobility role in Oracle have access to the survey data collected.  To gain access to this role, please use the HRISD Authorization Request Form and request access to the “Employee Mobility/Hiring Process Survey Reporting Views.” 

    Here is a list of  views to access the onboarding survey data via Microsoft Access:

    • Employee 30-day survey: PPI_ONBRD_EMPORIEN_VW
    • Supervisor 30-day survey: PPI_ONBRD_SPVRORIEN_VW
    • Employee 6-month survey: PPI_ONBRD_EMPONBOARD_VW
    • Supervisor 6-month survey: PPI_ONBRD_SPVRONBOARD_VW

    Agencies not supported by the HR Service Center may still need these documents for their orientation process:

  • W-4
  • CDL 702
  • Emergency Info Form
  • Local Services Tax – Exemption Certificate
  • Read up on employee training and development.    

    Employment Eligibility Verification (I-9) 

    Effective August 20, 2012, the commonwealth began using the online federal E-Verify system to verify employment eligibility for all new hires and rehires in agencies supported by the HR Service Center. 

    Approval to Appoint with Criminal Convictions

    See Management Directive 515.15 for information regarding the commonwealth’s policy on appointing employees with criminal records. If a job applicant has a criminal history, your agency must request approval to hire the employee prior to the final selection.

    Use the Approval to Appoint online application to submit your request. Contact the HR Service Center, Business Information and Support Division (877.242.6007, Option 4) for assistance.

    Supplementary Employment

    A common statement you may hear at orientation is “I also have a second job.” Supplementary employment, or a second job outside the commonwealth, is acceptable in some circumstances. Check out Management Directive 515.18 for the commonwealth’s rules regarding supplementary employment.

    Use the supplementary employment database to help you track requests from employees. This will come in handy when you are reviewing financial disclosure statements.

    Contact Paula Halbritter (717.425.7973) for assistance with supplementary employment policy questions. Contact the HR Service Center, Business Information and Support Division (877.242.6007, Option 4) for assistance with the database.

    Dual Employment

    When an employee has two jobs with the commonwealth, that is considered dual employment. See Management Directive 525.11 for the commonwealth’s rules regarding dual employment. The STD-338 form can be used by supervisors who want to request approval for dual employment.

    Contact Us

    For questions about hiring-related transactions, contact the HR Service Center at 877.242.6007. For all other hiring issues, contact OA-Human Resources' Bureau of Classification & Compensation at 717.783.8141.