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Pennsylvanians deserve to know that their Recovery Act tax dollars are being spent responsibly. You can report to the Office of Inspector General any suspected fraud, waste, and abuse involving individuals, agencies or businesses receiving stimulus funds.

Select this link to file an online complaint.

Call toll-free:
877-888-7927 (In central PA: 717-772-2644)

Mail to:
Office of Inspector General
Executive House, 3rd Floor
101 South Second Street
Harrisburg, PA 17101-2524

Whistleblower Protection 

Commonwealth employees who, in good faith, give information of assistance to the Office of Inspector General are subject to protection by the Act of December 12, 1986, Number 169, known as the Whistleblower Law. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 provides whistleblower protection to employees of employers that receive recovery funds (including state and local governments), of contractors, of subcontractors, of grantees, or of professional membership organizations acting in the interest of recovery fund recipients.  The Act provides protection to disclosures that (1) the employee believes are evidence of gross mismanagement, waste, or abuse of authority related to the use of recovery funds, and (2) are made to a state or federal regulatory or law enforcement agency.” H.R. 1, 111th Cong., § 1553 (2009)

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Concerned about suspected illegal or irresponsible actions regarding Recovery spending?  Call 877-888-7927. Learn more.
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