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Test approximately 10 days each month – Tuesdays, Wednesdays, with some Wednesday evenings, and Saturdays. Specific hours of operation vary by center.


Testing on Saturday and after 4:30 PM.
Listen/Watch: WAEB 790 AM

Testing scheduled for Monday through Friday prior to 4:30 PM.  Call:  610-437-5627, Lehigh Valley Pennsylvania CareerLink.

If “Lehigh Valley Pennsylvania CareerLink” is closed, SCSC testing will be cancelled for that day.  Please visit the Commission’s website at www.scsc.state.pa.us and click on On-Line Services to reschedule your test date.


If you are willing to visit without a scheduled time, Walk-In Testing may be a quicker alternative.  On most testing days we will be able to seat you after a short wait based on available seating.  “Available seating” occurs when a person scheduled for testing does not arrive or when someone completes their test early.  Since these events are somewhat unpredictable, we cannot promise that you will be tested as a Walk-In candidate.  If you are considering this alternative, please arrive in the morning to give yourself the best testing opportunity.  If possible, please call our office at 717-787-2935 before visiting - we can sometimes suggest a day to try Walk-In or suggest days to avoid.  When you arrive, please advise the SCSC staff person at the front desk you want to be tested as a Walk-In.

DELAYED OPENINGS:  If “Lehigh Valley Pennsylvania CareerLink” has a Delayed Opening, and you are scheduled for an ‘AM’ testing session, please click on the “On-Line Services” link to reschedule your test date or you may follow the (Walk-In) testing procedure as described above after the reopening of state agencies.  If you decide that your local road conditions make it unsafe to travel, you can test at a later time using Walk-In testing as described above.

NOTE:  If you are testing with an accommodation due to a disability, you cannot use Walk-In testing.  You must call our office Telephone Voice 717-787-2935; Text Telephone (Deaf/Hard of Hearing Callers Only) 717-787-5581 to reschedule.