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Electronic Official Personnel File (e-OPF)

Your agency HR office is required to establish official personnel files (OPFs) for all employees. Read Management Directive 505.18 for policy information. 

The Office of Administration has developed a process where paper OPFs for active employees can be converted to electronic files.  The electronic official personnel file (e-OPF) is then maintained and managed through SAP.  This e-OPF conversion initiative will allow the commonwealth to meet its goals for improved employee customer service and decreased administrative costs. 

Each e-OPF document is defined with individual security settings, allowing access for appropriate supervisors and HR staff only.  Once your agency transitions to the e-OPF, HR professionals, supervisors and employees will have the ability to access e-OPF documents online via SAP and ESS/SSS.

The conversion process consists of four requirements: purging OPFs in accordance with the standards; preparation of paper documents for delivery to the Department of Revenue where they will be scanned into electronic format; role mapping to assign e-OPF visibility for your managers and HR personnel; and using Abledoc to upload new OPF documents to the electronic filing system.

Agencies who have not yet converted to electronic OPFs will use the system in certain situations.  All agencies have been asked to acquire one AbleDoc license through the software procurement processInstallation instructions are also available for your agency’s IT help desk. This single license will be needed so your agency can upload files and maintain an electronic OPF in these scenarios:

  • New hire or rehire (online onboarding)
  • Transfers from e-OPF agencies
  • Separations

No new paper OPFs should be created for employees that have already been converted to the e-OPF.

Candidate Review

Agency human resources staff can access the e-OPF of a candidate in another agency.  This process requires the interviewing agency to work with the losing agency to gain permission to the employee’s e-OPF.
Information regarding the candidate and the e-OPF reviewer will be gathered by the interviewing agency representative and provided to the HR Service Center.  The SAP roles that the e-OPF reviewer has will determine what they are able to see of the candidate. 

Agencies may request access by contacting the HR Service Center, Agency Services and Operations at 877.242.6007, option #1.  Agencies can use the e-OPF Candidate Review Request Form as guidance to collect and record information required when contacting the HR Service Center.


Agency Role Mapping and Role Matrix Spreadsheet: refer to these documents as you assign proper roles for access to view or update standard, confidential or restricted documents

Contact Us

The HR Service Center,Business Information & Support is available to assist you with any e-OPF questions at 877.242.6007, Option 4.