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If you're a victim

What Do I Do About Criminal Records Made In My Name?

If you have an arrest warrant issued in your name, contact the arresting or citing law enforcement agency (i.e., the police or sheriff’s department that originally arrested the person using your identity, or the court agency that issued the warrant for the arrest). You’ll need to file an impersonation report to confirm your identity and the police department may take a full set of your fingerprints, your photograph, and copies of any photo identification documents you have, including your driver’s license, passport, and visa.

The law enforcement agency may then recall any warrants and issue a “clearance letter” or certificate of release if you were arrested/booked. Keep this document with you at all times in case you’re wrongly arrested. Also, ask the law enforcement agency to file the record of the follow-up investigation establishing your innocence with the district attorney’s office and the court where the crime took place. Ask that the “key name” or “primary name” on the warrant be changed from your name to the imposter’s name and that your name is noted only as an alias.

Identity Theft
In the event that an individual maintains that he or she is not the subject of a specific record or arrest, a Pennsylvania State Police Central Repository official may refer an individual to the nearest PSP station to be fingerprinted for identification purposes.

When fingerprinting for the purpose of identification, the following guidelines should be observed:
  • Prints should be taken on a PSP ten print applicant card.
  • The subject to be printed must present a valid government issued photo ID prior to fingerprinting.
  • The member taking the fingerprints must verify and complete all identifying information on the fingerprint card clearly and legibly including; name, DOB, SSN, address, and signature.
  • The officer printing the subject must sign the “fingerprinted by” area.
  • The subject’s telephone number must be included on the fingerprint card.
  • The print card must be submitted to the PSP post office box provided below:
    The Pennsylvania State Police
    P.O. Box 62041
    Harrisburg, PA 17106
    Contact Number:
  • The completed identification fingerprint card for should be mailed by the PSP member.
  • Please send the prints to the attention of “Access and Review”