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Vaccines for Children Program

Economic Order Quantity (EOQ)

Every provider is asked to operate under the Economic Order Quantity (EOQ) model. The EOQ is a continuous quality improvement effort by CDC to implement industry best practices for vaccine ordering.  EOQ assigns ordering "tiers" for providers based on annual volume of publicly-funded vaccine ordered which roughly coordinates to doses administered.  These tiers are ordering frequencies of:


  • Monthly for high volume providers who order 6000 or more doses per year
  • Bi-monthly for medium volume providers who order 800 or more doses per year
  • Quarterly for low volume providers who order 200 or more doses per year          
  • For very low volume providers who order less than 200 doses per year we are not recommending any ordering frequency

 In addition to identifying an optimal order frequency, EOQ strives to spread the ordering volume throughout the month into first and second halves of the ordering month.


Each provider site will receive a site-specific vaccine ordering form called the PA VFC Pediatric Order & Accountability Form, listing all available vaccines. Included on this order form is the suggested EOQ. The vaccine ordering form is available in hard copy and by e-mail.  Facilities using the hard copy vaccine ordering form must make additional copies for future orders.  


Providers are responsible for the proper maintenance of their vaccine inventory and for ordering vaccine in the appropriate amounts.  Prior to placing a vaccine order, it is recommended that providers review previous doses administered reports and current inventory on hand to calculate their need and to assure that they have sufficient vaccine to immunize all the Vaccines for Children (VFC) eligible children in their practice; and at the same time, ensure accountability and reduce wastage.  Orders should be e-mailed to paimmunizations@pa.gov, faxed to (717) 441-3800, or mailed to the address indicated on the vaccine order form. 



Questions regarding EOQ may be addressed by contacting the PA VFC Program at 1-888-646-6864 or



Please access the Provider Memorandum provided below:  


Economic Order Quantity Memo (pdf)



Below are EOQ sample tools described above:


EOQ Ordering Windows (pdf)  


Sample EOQ Calendar (pdf)  


EOQ Quarter 3-4 (pdf)  


VFC - Vaccine Worksheet (xls)