Vaccines for Children (VFC) Handbook


The Pennsylvania Vaccines for Children Program provides vaccines through a Federal Grant and the Vaccines for Children (VFC) Program to public and private immunization providers as part of the national strategy to improve childhood immunization coverage and protect children and adults from vaccine-preventable diseases. 

This Provider Handbook is a comprehensive guide which outlines the procedures and requirements for participation in the Pennsylvania VFC program.  It also contains all forms and documents needed to participate in the program.





        Welcome to the Pennsylvania Vaccines for Children Program

        Table of Contents

        Section 1 - Introduction   

Section 2 - Enrollment   

Section 3 - Vaccine Ordering  

Section 4 - Vaccine Mgmt and Accountability   

Section 5 - Quality Assurance

Section 6 - Forms 

Section 7 - Resources and Websites  

Section 8 - Correspondence

Section 9 - Online Ordering/PA SIIS