ACA-Related Filings

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) is a federal statute that was signed into law on March 23, 2010.  As part of federal health care reform, states are encouraged to make health filings that meet ACA eligibility requirements accessible to interested parties via the Internet.  For your information, an 'ACA-related filing' is a comprehensive major medical filing of a form, rate or combination thereof, specific to individual or commercial small group health insurance.

Interested parties can review ACA-related filings that have been submitted.  In Pennsylvania, only filings requesting a rate increase of 10 percent or greater, received on or after September 1, 2011, are available for public review and comment, prior to approval.

Users will only be able to view the public details of the filing, as certain portions are deemed confidential by law.


 Company Name  Tracking #  Submission Date  View Filing:
 Geisinger Health Plan  GSHP-129625142  07/16/14  Filing Info
 Geisinger Health Plan  GSHP-129625382  07/16/14  Filing Info
 Geisinger Quality Options  GSHP-129625169  07/16/14  Filing Info
 Geisinger Quality Options  GSHP-129625425  07/16/14  Filing Info
 Highmark  HGHM-129603957  07/16/14  Filing Info
 Highmark  HGHM-129610942  07/16/14  Filing Info

 HM Health Insurance Company

 HGHM-129605103  07/16/14  Filing Info
 HM Health Insurance Company  HGHM-129610928  07/16/14  Filing Info
 Keystone Health Plan East  INAC-129626130  07/16/14  Filing Info
 Keystone Health Plan West  HGHM-129626493  07/18/14  Filing Info
 QCC Insurance Company  INAC-129626643  07/18/14  Filing Info

If you would like to comment on any of the pending submissions listed above, please send your comments by August 16, 2014 via email to: Please include the Tracking # listed in the 'Subject' field of your email.

Members of the media may contact the Office of Press and Communications with any questions by phone at 717.787.3289 or via email at ra-in-press@pa,gov.

To view completed ACA-related filings, click here.

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