Archived Enforcement Actions D - F

Archived enforcement actions are available online beginning with 2004. To find or research older actions, please send an email to


  • D&L Business Services, Inc.   (Philadelphia, PA)  6/08  See Chester, Linda
  • Dade, Sean Deandre (Atlanta, GA) 2/20/13

    Five-year license supervision – Dade failed to report regulatory actions taken against him by the Kansas and Vermont insurance departments.

  • Dailey, Farah Y. (Philadelphia, PA) 12/19/12

    Five-year license supervision – Dailey failed to notify the department of a 2006 misdemeanor in Ohio.

  • Daily Underwriters of America, Inc.  (Carlisle, PA)  1/07
  • Dallmer, Thomas C.   (Burlington, NJ)  6/08  Felony conviction, § 1033 waiver, Failure to disclose 1981 misdemeanor conviction on 1033 application; Indefinite supervision of producer license, $1,000 penalty
  • Daly, Robert J., Jr. (Philadelphia, PA) 10/22/2013

    Three-year license supervision; report disposition of charges – Daly failed to notify the department of his criminal arrest within thirty days.

  • Daly, Robert Lodge (Yardley, PA) 3/24/2014

    Five-year supervision, mandated cooperation with the Pennsylvania Insurance Department in any related investigations– Daly worked as a licensed producer for a person who did not have an active PA producer license. He aided in life insurance procurement or viatical settlement sales which the non-licensed person benefited from financially in the form of commission payments.

  • Danenberg, Robert M. (Pittsburgh, PA) 6/28/11 License revocation – Danenberg was indicted on, and plead guilty to, wire fraud charges; neither the indictment nor the guilty plea, as required, were reported to the department.
  • Daniels, Christopher E. (Radnor, PA) 1/3/11 Five-year license supervision and $15,000 penalty – Daniels participated in the sale of a life policy which became subject to an inappropriate viatication structure, resulting in financial loss to a policyholder.
  • Dare, Christopher J.  (Allentown, PA) 1/04
  • Darius, Samuel (Philadelphia, PA) 6/24/2013

    Five-year license supervision – Darius failed to comply with an Administrative Order in 2012 and his producer license was suspended.  After he complied, his license was reinstated.

  • Darwin National Assurance Company  (Farmington, CT)  7/07
  • Davies, Thomas S.  (Orchard Park, NY)  7/07
  • Davis, John Paul, Jr. (Thornhurst, PA) 4/20/09 Five-year license supervision for failing to report a prior misdemeanor conviction of his resident producer license application.
  • Davis, Lee E., Jr.  (West Chester, PA) 9/08 License surrender and five-year license supervision for previously collecting premiums for policies never issued and failing to report three criminal arrests n 2006 at the time of his license renewal. Penalty: License surrender; five year license supervision
  • Davis, Mia C. (Broomall, PA) 7/04   
  • Davis, Robert M. (Pittsburgh, PA) 8/24/09 Five-year license supervision for failing to timely report his arrest or conviction on his insurance producer license renewal application.
  • Davison, Rashad (Pittsburgh, PA) 9/30/2013

    License revocation – Davison failed to report charges and subsequent conviction to the department within 30 days. 

  • Day, Neil Russell (Washington, PA) 05/02/12 License surrender – Day failed to report Theft charges from 2011.

  • De Naples, Louis A.  (Dunmore, PA)  4/07
  • Dean, Laurette  (Pittsburgh, PA)  3/06 
  • Deane, Hugh J. Jr.  (Pocono Pines, PA)  10/07
  • Deasy, William P.  (Ambler, PA) 11/07
  • DeFalco, Gary T., Jr. (Pittsburgh, PA) 4/5/2013

    Three-year license supervision – DeFalco was convicted in 2010 of Theft of Services – Acquisition of Services, which he fully disclosed to the department.

  • Delaney, James (Kennett Square, PA) 1/9/09 Three-year license supervision for guilty pleas on several misdemeanors.  
  • DeLeon, Marco  (Conshohocken, PA) 10/08 Indefinite supervision of producer license for prior felony conviction. §1033 waiver granted. 
  • Delp, Jr., Matthew A.   (Douglassville, PA )  1/08 Unauthorized use of license number for annuity sales; license surrender
  • Dennis, Danny E., d/b/a Durham Insurance Group (Bristol, PA) 05/04/12 Five-year license supervision and $5,000 penalty – Durham was arrested and pled guilty to three misdemeanors in 2011.

  • Deprimo, John Joseph  (Lake Ariel, PA) 4/04
  • DeRenzo, Paul J. (Allison Park, PA) 10/12/11 § 1033 waiver granted; indefinite supervision of license for prior felony conviction.
  • Deshong, Heidi Christine   (Chambersburg, PA) 11/05 
  • Destan, Emma J  (Pottstown, PA)  11/04    
  • DeVane, William H., III (Riegelsville, PA) 5/7/2013

    Indefinite license supervision – DeVane was granted an 18 U.S.C. Section 1033 waiver for a prior felony conviction.

  • Dezii, Randolph R. (Drexel, PA)  6/07  
  • Dick, Elizabeth Margaret (Morrisville, PA) 12/04       
  • Didonato, Stephen B. (Berwyn, PA) 11/9/11 Five-year license supervision – Didonato failed to report a misdemeanor charge on his license renewal, and signed an application for insurance without the consent or knowledge of the policyholder.
  • Dietrich, Timothy G. Jr.   (Bath, PA)  6/05
  • Digilio, John J.  (Springfield, PA)  10/07
  • Diulus, Peter A (Bethel Park, PA) 7/10/2014

    Four-year license supervision; $15,000 civil penalty – Diulus created a policy for an out-of-state third party investor that had no insurable interest in the client.

  • Doman, Paul (Cargin Falls, OH), & The Accurate Group, LLC (Huntersville, NC) 11/19/10 Three-year license supervision – Doman allowed unlicensed individuals to submit multiple title insurance applications.
  • Dombeck, Stephen J.  (New castle, PA)  1/07     
  • Domenick, Gerald P.  (Malvern, PA) 2/04
  • Donohoe, Timothy Joseph Jr. (Philadelphia, PA) 9/23/2014

    Three-year license supervision – Donohoe was convicted of one misdemeanor and agreed to licensure with three (3) years of supervision.

  • Donovan, WIlliam F. (State College, PA) 1/8/09 Surrender of all licenses for depositing proceeds from title closings into his personal bank account and using such funds in 2007. If convicted or pleads guilty, any future license applications will require a 1033 Waiver.
  • Donte Sterling and Silverline Adjustment, Inc. (Philadelphia, PA) 1/5/11 Additional five-year license supervision and $5,000 penalty – While already under a license supervision, Sterling and Silverline Adjustment, Inc. were using unapproved public adjuster contracts in 2010.
  • Dorn, David J.  (Johnstown, PA) 4/1/11 Three-year license supervision – Dorn failed to exercise due diligence to determine the validity of AIM Health Plans, which is an unlicensed entity, and subsequently sold coverage to a Pennsylvania consumer.
    Dorsey, Hugh P. (Harrisburg, PA) 5/19/10 Five-year license supervision and full restitution to the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue for misrepresenting that he was in compliance with paying his state personal income tax on a license renewal application.
  • Douglas, Larry R.   (Croydon, PA)  3/08  Felony conviction; indefinite license supervision of motor vehicle physical damage appraiser license granted with approved § 1033 waiver application
  • Douk, Sivann M. (Philadelphia, PA) 7/7/2014

    § 1033 waiver granted; indefinite supervision of license for prior felony convictions.

  • Doyle, Michael (Oreland, PA) 12/13/12

    Three-year license supervision and mandatory reporting for disposition of charges – Doyle was arrested in 2012 for various felony and misdemeanor charges.

  • Doyle, Michael (Oreland, PA) 5/22/2013

    License revocation – Doyle violated a December 2012 Consent Order by entering a plea of guilty to felony criminal charges on March 18, 2013.

  • Dreyer, Edward F.  (Richboro, PA)  7/05   
  • Driscoll_Bryan_Douglas  (Pittsburgh,PA) 5/04
  • Dublin Hall Brokers  (Blue Bell, PA) 2/04
  • Dumas-Staley, Melita  (Lansdowne, PA)  11/05
  • Dunaway, Gregory R. (Harrisburg, PA) 10/6/09 Five-year license supervision for pleading guilty to unlawful contact with a minor.
  • Duval, Philip (PH Insurance Agency) (Chester, PA) 9/08 $10,000 penalty and five-year license supervision for insufficient funds in 2005 and 2006
  • DVUA of New Jersey, Inc.  (Florham Park, NJ)  7/05
  • DVUA of New Jersey, Inc.  (Florham Park, NJ)  7/05
  • Dwinnells, Brian C.  (Brookhaven, PA)  11/06
  • Dwyer, James E and James & Son, Inc.   (Havertown, PA)  4/06

  • Earp, Janice (Washington, PA) 6/17/2014

    Three-year license supervision – Earp failed to disclose her misdemeanor conviction on her application.

  • Echevarria, Jaya Bhaduri (Philadelphia, PA) 3/20/09 Indefinite supervision of public adjuster license for prior felony conviction, § 1033 waiver granted.    
  • Eckardt, Charles R. Jr. (Ambler, PA) 3/05   
  • Edwards, Sr., Jason R.  (Thornton, PA)  8/06 
  • El, Rahim L. (Pittsburgh, PA) 10/31/2014

    § 1033 waiver granted; indefinite supervision of license for prior felony convictions. 

  • Elcock, Mark D.  (Spring Mills, PA)  10/05
  • Electric Insurance Company   (Beverly, MA)  5/08  Untimely submission of Workers' Compensation Accident & Illness Prevention Report; Cease and desist
  • Electric Insurance Company (Beverly, MA) 2/4/09 Cease and desist order for not performing due diligence on the oversight of SCA Enterprises Burbank, d/b/a SCA Appraisal. SCA used unlicensed appraisers and/or fictitious people for performing motor vehicle physical damage appraisals on Electric’s behalf.
  • Elensky, William Jr. (Curwensville, PA)  1/07
  • Elite Brokerage Services, Inc.  (Exton, PA)  3/07
  • Ellis, David L.   (Harrisburg, PA) 3/04
  • Ellison, Chauncey L. (Philadelphia, PA) 10/18/12 Five-year license supervision; required to report disposition of charges – Ellison was arrested in July 2012 and failed to report the arrest to the department.

  • Encompass Insurance Company (Northbrook, IL) 7/08 $10,000 and cease and desist order for untimely submission of Workers' Compensation Accident & Illness Prevention report.
  • Encompass_Insurance_Company  (Chicago, IL) 2/04
  • Encompass Home and Auto Insurance Company 5/8/2014

    Adjudication and Order

  • Enders, Ronald R. (Jersey Shore, PA) 8/5/2013

    License revocation – Enders knowingly submitted applications for insurance, which contained incorrect information to Selective Insurance.

  • Ensinger, Stephen  (Holland, PA)  7/04
  • Epstein, Jamin M.  (Wexford, PA)  9/06 
  • Escobedo, Linda S. (Kinzers, PA) 1/6/10 License revocation for failing to notify the department of prior arrests and six felony guilty pleas related to insurance fraud. 
  • ESL, Inc.  (Harrisburg, PA)  7/04
  • Esurance Insurance Company   (San Francisco, CA)  6/08  Untimely submission of Workers' Compensation Accident & Illness Prevention Report; Cease and desist, $2,500 penalty
  • Esurance Insurance Company (San Francisco, CA) 2/3/09 Cease and desist order for untimely submitting the workers’ compensation Accident & Illness Prevention Report.
  • Evans, Curt R.  (Bethlehem, PA)  5/07
  • Evans, Glenn G  (Middletown, PA)  9/04
  • Evanson, Evan (Philadelphia, PA) 12/13/11 Three-year license supervision – Evanson failed to disclose misdemeanor convictions on his producer license application.
  • Exact Property and Casualty Company   (Los Angeles, CA)  3/06
    Failed to report misdemeanor convictions; Five-year license supervision Failure to release client from contract, failure to resolve client issues; $2,000 penalty and 2-year supervision of public adjuster license 

  • Fani, Louis J., Jr. (Pittsburgh, PA) 9/08 Three-year license supervision for a 2005 misdemeanor conviction which was fully disclosed on his license application
  • Farber, Howard (Melville, NY) 6/25/09 License revocation and five-year future license supervision for failing to disclose a 2006 felony conviction and subsequent administrative action from Vermont on his initial Pennsylvania producer application.
  • Farmington Casualty Company  (Hartford, CT) 
  • Farnsworth, Jessica May  (Cogan Station, PA)  7/06
  • Fazzini, Christopher M (Wayne, PA) 4/3/2013

    License revocation – Fazzine plead guilty to burglary charges.

  • Fazzini, Christopher Matthew (Wayne, PA) 10/24/12 Five-year license supervision; required to report disposition of charges – Fazzini was arrested for various felonies and misdemeanors which he failed to report to the department.

  • Fearon, Ian (Monroeville, PA) 4/11/2013

    License revocation – Fearon failed to notify the department that he was arrested on four different occasions for misdemeanor criminal violations.

    Featherson, Yolanda P.  (St. Louis. MO)  7/07

  • Fecther Leonard B.  (Pittsburg, PA) 
  • Feeney, Christopher (Bristol, PA) 11/14/2013

    Three-year license supervision – Feeney failed to disclose his criminal arrest to the department.

  • Feinstein, Jack  (Newton, PA)  1/07
  • Feinstein, Raymond (Langhorne, PA)  1/07
  • Felker, Denise E.  (Camp Hill, PA)  3/06 
  • Fennick, Antonette K.  (Butler, PA)  12/04
  • Ferraro, Chris C.  (Brooklyn, NY)  7/07
  • Ferraro, Lauri Lynn  (DuBois, PA)  9/07
  • Ferrer, Ramona B.   (Harrisburg, PA)  5/08 Failure to report 2007 felony arrest for Access Device Fraud; Revocation, Five-year future license supervision
  • Ferretti, Mario J.  (Greensburg, PA)  11/04
  • Failla, Brian M. (Fort Lauderdale, FL) 12/14/12

    License revocation – Failla failed to report a 2010 Florida administrative action.

  • Fidelity & Deposit Company of Maryland   (Baltimore, MD)  3/06 
  • Fields, Erica (Willow Grove, PA) 11/23/11 Three-year license supervision – Fields failed to disclose two recent misdemeanor convictions and ARD on her license application.
  • Figura_Jeffrey  (Johnstown,PA)
  • Filter, Bryant R.  (Mars, PA) 8/08 Surrendered producer license for admitting to collecting over $4.2 million in 2006 and 2007 by falsifying insurance applications to collect multiple premium financing payments made to non-existent clients
  • Finzi, Iso Gerard (Hollywood, FL) 2/27/2013

    License revocation for 15 years – Gerard failed to report license revocations from the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation for felony convictions.

  • Fisher, John Richard (Dingmans Ferry, PA) 4/15/2014

    Three-year license supervision – Fisher failed to notify the department of his criminal proceedings. He must report disposition of charges to the department within 30 days.  

  • Fitzpatrick, Robert B.  (Dunmore, PA)
  • Five years of license supervision for both Seidman and Northeast. Respondent Seidman, as the designated licensee of Northeast, failed to remit $1,476.45 in unearned commission back to AIG Agency Auto between August and November, 2007.  Seidman has made restitution to AIG.
  • Five-year license supervision and $5,000 penalty for completing applications signed by an unlicensed individual, without the knowledge or consent of the policyholder, agency or company.
  • Flanders James R.  (Harrisburg, PA)  11/04  
  • Flanders, James R.  (Harrisburg, PA)  2/07
  • Fleming, Sr. Patrick J.  (Pittsburgh, PA) 4/13/11 Three-year license suspension, $4,000 civil penalty and $18,728 tax payment to the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue – Fleming failed to pay state income tax for eight years and misrepresented on his license application that taxes were paid and up to date. Fleming’s license will not be reinstated until the penalty and tax payment are paid.
  • Florent, Samuel and New Life Financial (LLC, Philadelphia, PA) 6/27/12 License surrender – Florent used his agency to submit insurance applications containing forged signatures.

  • Foglia, Dennis A. (Huntingdon Valley, PA) and Fogila Insuranc, Inc. (Philadelphia, PA) 4/13/12 Five-year license supervision and $1,000 penalty – Foglia placed three individuals, whom were not employees, on his agency’s group health and dental plans.

  • Foley, Michael J.  (Chalfont, PA)  9/05  

  • Foltz, Wendy S. (Camp Hill, PA) 5/28/09 §1033 waiver granted for prior felony conviction.
  • Fonseca, Julio Cesar (Clearwater, FL) 3/20/2013

    Surrender of Pennsylvania licenses – Fonesca failed to report an administrative action taken against him by the State of New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance.

  • Ford Nancy L.   (Highspire, PA)
  • Forde, Anthony P.  (Export, PA)  3/06
  • Foreman, Randall N.   (Palestine, TX)  6/08  Operated unregistered fictitious entity name; represented himself as a financial planner; Cease and desist, five-year license supervision
  • Foremost Insurance Company of Grand Rapids, MI   (Caledonia, MI)  9/05  
  • Forster, John R. (Penfield, PA) 11/4/10 § 1033 waiver granted; indefinite supervision of motor vehicle physical damage appraiser license for prior felony conviction. 
  • Foster, Todd Alden (Pittsburgh, PA) 7/26/2013

    Five-year license supervision – Foster failed to notify the department of a Consent Order he signed with the Florida Department of Financial Services in July 2012.

  • Fox, Kenneth J. (Irwin, PA) 12/7/09 License revocation for failing to notify the department of prior felony and misdemeanor charges.
  • Fraga, Eleasar N.   (Streator, IL)  12/05
  • Fragaso, Thomas  (North Bergan, NJ)  04/05    
  • Freberg Environmental, Inc.   (Denver, CO)  02/06  
  • Frederick Mutual Insurance Company  (Frederick, MD)  3/06  
  • Freeman, Amy Ann   (Effort, PA)  9/05
  • Freeman, Charles W.   (Davidsville, PA) 12/08 Failed to file federal tax returns for 1999, 2000, 2001 and 2002.  License revocation; five year future license supervision. 
  • Freer, Richard (Easton, PA) 4/4/2014

    License revocation – Freer failed to notify the department of his felony criminal arrest and also failed to respond to the department inquiries. Freer must report disposition of the charges to the department within thirty (30) days.

  • French, Kenneth J.  (Morristown, NJ)  9/07 
  • Frost, Matthew (Pittsburgh, PA) 5/21/2014Three-year license supervision – Frost was convicted of two minor felony offenses, which he disclosed on his license application.
    Fuller, Jingi L. (Lansdowne, PA) 4/07
  • Froio, Francis Vincent (Hamilton, NJ) 10/27/11 License surrender – Froio allowed an unlicensed entity to conduct the business of insurance.
  • Froio, Frank Vincent (Lester, PA) 11/08 Established an office within a previously revoked insurance agency; while at that location Froio accepted premium, on nine occasions, from Arizona Premium Finance Company without the consent, knowlege or signed contract of the policyholders and deposited those funds into another business account.  Five year license supervision.
  • Fultz, Clarice (Lawrenceville, GA)  Signed applicants’ names to electronic applications 33 times between 2006 and 2008, and failed to update her address on file with the Department.  Five year license supervision. 
  • Funari, John Albert, Jr. (Philadelphia, PA) 12/3/2014

    License revocation, $6,000 penalty – Funari violated the Public Adjuster Act by endorsing the insureds’ names on a claim check without their consent and failing to remit the insureds’ portion of the settlement.