Archived Enforcement Actions M - O

Archived enforcement actions are available online beginning with 2004. To find or research older actions, please send an email to

  • Maas, Jody E. (Erie, PA) 2/24/09 Cease and desist order and three-year license supervision for disclosing two, 2004 misdemeanor convictions on the initial application license.
  • MacDonald, Daniel P., Jr. (Lansdale, PA) 12/08 One-year license revocation and five-year future license supervision for allowing two unlicensed individuals, who were not certified by the Assigned Risk Plan, to act as producers on his behalf, resulting in improper forms of payment accepted on behalf of the Plan, failing to submit/retract applications in accordance with Plan rules and submitting unmatched bindings to the Plan.
  • MacDonald, Gabriel J.  (Philadelphia, PA)  12/04 
  • Macdougall Eric R  (Souderton, PA)  10/04
  • MacDuff Pinellas Underwriters, Inc.  (St. Petersburg, FL)  10/06 
  • Mace, Christopher J. (North Huntington, PA) 4/11/12 License revocation and tax repayment – Mace failed to disclose four tax liens against him by the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue on four license renewal applications.

  • Madajeski, Ronald E. (Dickson City, PA) and RMI Group, Incorporated (Scranton, PA) 2/25/10 Five-year license supervision and $5,000 penalty – accepting payment from clients for auto, general liability and workers compensation insurance without procuring the policies; forging a client signature to generate an insurance policy.
  • Madosky, Debbie L. (Medford, NJ) 9/08 License revocation and future license supervision for pleading guilty to a 2007 felony offense 
  • Maertzig, Joseph H.   (Norristown, PA)  6/08  Felony conviction; § 1033 waiver; indefinite supervision of producer license
  • Magee, Wilma Elaine (Philadelphia, PA) 05/15/12 Five-year license supervision – Magee misrepresented information regarding an individual’s medical history. The application was subsequently denied.

  • MAG Insurance, LLC  (Grand Forks, ND)  10/06 
  • Magovern, Linda Ann (Blue Bell, PA) 12/13/11 Five-year license supervision – Magovern failed to report a 2009 arrest, but did report the 2010 dismissal charges.
  • Maguire, William J.  (Chalfont, PA)  8/07
  • Mahadeo, Hardat A. (Forrest Hills, NY) 3/11/09 Surrender of license and five-year future license supervision for failing to disclose regulatory actions in other states.
  • Major Group, Inc. (The) (Pennsauken, NJ)  6/07
  • Major, Jeffrey S. (Cherry Hill, NJ)  6/07
  • Makefield Agency, Inc.  (Yardley, PA)  5/06
  • Malone, Matthew A.  (Wausau, WI)  11/07
  • Manning, Anita (Norristown, PA) 6/13/2013

    Three-year license supervision and must report disposition of charges – Manning failed to report a 2013 arrest to the Insurance Department.

  • Marcinek, Frank David (Coal Township, PA) 5/16/2014

    Five-year license supervision – Marcinek failed to notify the department of his criminal charges.

  • Markle, Dora Lynn  (Wrightsville, PA)  4/07 
  • Markle, Michael E.  (Wrightsville, PA)  4/07
  • Marley, Todd A. (Eighty Four, PA) 3/20/09 Five-year license supervision for selling an annuity that was not approved for sale in Pennsylvania.
  • Marmo, Joseph A.  (Medford, NJ)  09/06 
  • Marrone, Stephen A. (St. Paul, MN) 8/7/2013

    License revocation – Marrone failed to disclose his August 2012 criminal arrest on his license renewal and also failed to report his guilty pleas to the department within the required 30 days.

  • Marsh USA, Inc. (New York, NY) 10/08 $50,000 penalty; three-year license supervision and proof of $1,027,210 tax payment to Pennsylvania Department of Revenue for self-reporting the fact that the company failed to remit a Pa surplus lines premium taxes.
  • Marsh, Inc.  10/05  
  • Marshall, Harold J. (Ellwood City, PA) 12/12/12

    License surrender – Marshall failed to report to the department a misdemeanor arrest and guilty plea from 2011.

  • Martin, Darin W.   (Yardley, PA)  2/08  Deceptive and misleading solicitations to mortgagers; $4,000 penalty and 5-year license supervision
  • Martin_Melissa_D. (Scotland,PA)  6/04 
    Martingale National Insurance Company  (Schaumburg, IL)
  • Martino, Donald J., Jr. (Irwin, PA) 7/20/10 Five-year license supervision – Martino failed to pay personal income tax in 2003 and 2006, yet indicated on license renewals he was tax compliant.  
  • Martocci, Michael A.   (Mars, PA)  11/04
  • Martocci, Michael A.   (Mars, PA)  11/04/07
  • May, Michael Lewis (Pittsburgh, PA) 5/29/2014

    Three-year license supervision – May was convicted of a misdemeanor, which he disclosed on his license application.

  • Mayfield, David L. (Wyncote, PA) 2/19/13

    § 1033 waiver granted; indefinite supervision of license for prior felony conviction.

  • Maryott, Michael (Manchester, NJ) 3/13/12 Five-year license supervision – Maryott failed to disclose prior administrative actions from other state insurance departments on his license application.

  • Massey, Wade T.  (Farrell, PA)  9/07
  • Mastroieni-Cave, Jeanette  (Lafayette Hill, PA)  12/04
  • Mastroieni-Cave, Jeannette  (Lafayette Hill, PA)  10/07
  • Mathai, Zachariah  (Philadelphia, PA)  12/05
  • Matternas, Elaine E. (Schaefferstown, PA) 5/04 
  • Mattus, Paul A. (Camp Hill, PA) 1/12/11 Five-year license supervision and restitution to the PA Department of Revenue – Mattus is delinquent in paying personal income taxes.
  • Maurer, Joseph Albert III, Commonwealth Professional Group, Ltd., Commonwealth Professional Group International, J.A. Maurer & Associates, (Reading, PA) 10/1/10 License surrender, restitution and five-year future license supervision – Maurer violated two prior Consent Orders with the department.
  • Maurer, Joseph Albert, III and Commonwealth Professional Group, Inc. (Reading,  PA) 12/08 Five year license supervision for collecting but failing to remit premium in a timely manner in Virginia between 2005 and 2006.  Virginia insurance license was surrendered, though a restitution judgment exists.
  • Maurer, Kimberly M.  (Philadelphia, PA)  3/06
  • May, Curtis L. (Ardmore, PA) 6/9/10 Five-year license supervision for failing to pay Pennsylvania state taxes in 2005, 2007 and 2009. May has also entered into a Deferred Payment Plan with the PA Department of Revenue.
  • Maynard, Johnny Jr. (State College, PA) 8/1/12 Five-year license supervision – Maynard had multiple misdemeanors from 2000 thru 2011, which he reported on his license application

  • Mayo, Gary Stephen (New Tripoli, PA) 2/04 
  • Mazonson, LLC. (Peabody, MA) 4/04
  • Mazza, Dominick D. (Harrisburg, PA) 9/08 Unlicensed since surrender of license in 2007, Five-year future license supervision for altering policyholder information on applications
  • McCann, Mary June  (Glenolden, PA)  6/06
  • McCartan Dennis J.   (Lansdale, PA)  5/04
  • McClain, Ronald K. (Wayne, PA) 7/22/2014

    Must comply with Deferred Payment Plan (DPP) agreement entered into with the PA Dept. of Revenue; five-year license supervision – McClain defaulted on repayment agreements with the Department of Revenue and Office of Attorney General. He also misrepresented on his PA resident producer license renewal that he was tax compliant.

  • McCloskey, Patricia A.  (Hawley, PA)  2/07
  • McCormick, Christopher (Northumberland, PA) 5/7/2013

    Three-year license supervision; $3,000 penalty – McCormick placed incorrect information on at least 10 life insurance applications.

  • McCoy, Clifford L.  (Marlton, NJ) 12/06  
  • McCullough, Kathleen (Presto, PA) 6/28/11 License revocation – McCullough was arrested in 2008 and 2009, and sentenced in 2010, for numerous felonies; none of which, as required, was reported to the department.
  • McDermott, Kevin J.  (Langhorne, PA) 08/11/11 Three-year license supervision – McDermott failed to report a 2008 misdemeanor DUI arrest and conviction to the department.
  • McDevitt, Michael (Havertown, PA) 12/21/12

    Three-year license supervision and mandatory reporting for disposition of charges – McDevitt was arrested for a misdemeanor in 2012, which he did not report to the department.

  • McDonald, Andre J. (Pittsburgh, PA) 8/16/2013

    Three-year license supervision – McDonald fully disclosed three misdemeanor convictions on his application.

  • McDonough, John J. (Etters, PA)  1/07
  • McGarrey, Kevin J. (Wayne, PA) 3/4/11 Six-month license suspension, possible license reinstatement and cooperation with related investigations – McGarrey submitted a life insurance application containing false information about the policyholder.
  • McGarry, John J.  (Warren, PA)  10/06 
  • McGinley, James C. (Oakmont, PA) 7/09 License surrender and five-year future license supervision for failing to provide a policyholder the required policy examination period for an annuity product.
  • McGrath, Paul S. Sr. (New Florence, PA) 12/12/12

    Five-year license supervision and mandatory reporting for disposition of charges – McGrath failed to disclose four pending felony charges to the department.

  • McGraw, Daryl Q. (Philadelphia, PA) 2/17/09 Cease and desist order and five-year license supervision for a 2003 felony, which was fully disclosed on his producer application.
  • McGahee, Roman J. (Wilkes-Barre, PA) 10/28/2014

    § 1033 waiver granted; indefinite supervision of license for a prior felony conviction.

  • McGuirk, Brian P.  (Clarks Summit, PA)  10/06 
  • McIntosh, Kimani Y.   (Allentown, PA)  6/08
  • McLean, Bryan Neal Sr. (Hanover, PA) 11/7/11 License revocation – McLean was arrested and convicted in 2010 on six felony counts that he failed to report to the department.
  • McManus, Kurt E. (West Chester, PA) 3/1/10 License revocation and five-year future license supervision for falsely using the good credit score of a consumer to obtain a better rate quote for a consumer with a bad credit score, and failing to notify the department of his license revocation in Maryland for similar activity.
  • McNear, Patricia Lynn (Beaver Falls, PA) 12/9/09 $2,500 civil penalty and five-year future license supervision for accepting cash payments for Workers' Compensation insurance but failing to deposit the funds and properly secure the insurance policy.
  • McQuoid, Brian Lynn  (Philadelphia, PA) 1/12/09 Three-year license supervision for three criminal convictions from 2000.  
  • McSweeney, Mary Beth (Burlington, NJ) 10/04
  • Meisel, Andrew James  (Philadelphia, PA) 7/1/11 License surrender – Meisel failed to notify the department concerning his 2010 felony drug charge and guilty plea.
  • Menaker, Sandra E.  (Furlong, PA)  8/07
  • Mendoza, Hector E. (San Diego, CA) 9/1/09 License revocation and five-year future license supervision for failing to report to the commonwealth within 30 days the revocation of his California insurance producer license after pleading nolo contendere for possession of marijuana.
  • Merastar Insurance Company  (Chattanooga, TN)  3/06  
  • Mercadante, Anthony C. (Uniontown, PA) 3/13/09 License revocation and five-year future license supervision for collecting $1,652 cash premium and failing to remit the money to the company.
  • Mercer Insurance Company  (Pennington, NJ)  03/06  
  • Mesick, Frank S. (Pittsburgh, PA) 6/22/10 Five-year license supervision for using personal funds to pay for the premium shortfall of other policyholders.
  • Metro Public Adjustment, Inc. (Bensalem, PA) 10/19/09 $15,000 penalty for 16 insurance claims that were adjusted by an invidivual not property licensed to do so.
  • Michalak, Gerald J. (Dallas, TX)  1/07 
  • Mid-Continent Insurance Company  (Somerset, PA) 11/05 
  • Miele, Kelly K. (Peckville, PA) 3/11/10 License revocation and five-year future license supervision for failing to report to the department two 2009 guilty pleas, one for Theft by Failure to Make Required Disposition of Funds and Theft by Taking Movable Property.
  • Mierau, Lorena (Philadelphia, PA) 9/08 $8,000 penalty and five-year license supervision for selling and misrepresenting annuity products not authorized in Pennsylvania between 2004 and 2007
  • Milbert, Frederick I. (Elkins Park, PA) 8/13/09 Three-year license supervision for paying referral fees to a non-licensed insurance producer.  
  • Milbert, Frederick I.  (Elkins Park, PA) 09/12/2013

    License revocation – Milbert utilized an insurance agency established escrow account to pay for personal and other items. 

  • Miller, Jean Marie (York, PA) 3/22/11 Cease and desist, cooperation with other department investigations – Miller applied undocumented discretionary discounts to insurance policies in a two-year timeframe.
  • Miller, Jonathan S. (Plymouth Meeting, PA) 4/16/10 Three-year license supervision: Failed to provide policy data for a block of business.
  • Miller, Jr., Tyrone G.  (Lancaster, PA)  7/05   
  • Miller, Kelli M.    (Chicago , IL)  1/08 License revocation in home state and four others; license revocation
  • Miller, Lisa Ann (Millersburg, PA) 4/15/2014

    § 1033 waiver granted; indefinite supervision of license for prior felony conviction.

  • Miller, Marianne (Easton, PA) 7/2/2013

    License revocation – Miller attempted to backdate coverage prior to the loss date.

  • Miller, Melvin R.  (Osceola Mills, PA)  3/07
  • Miller, Stephen K. (Woodlyn, PA) 4/30/10 Ten-year license supervision and $1,000 fine: Violating Pennsylvania Assigned Risk Plan rules.
  • Miller, Timothy J (South Fork, PA)   
  • Minana, Thomas M.  (Johnstown, PA) 8/28/2013

    License revocation – Minana failed to report his criminal arrest to the department.

  • Minetola, James A., III (Camp Hill, PA) 9/08 License revocation and five-year furture license supervision for pleading guilty in 2008 to one felony and one misdemeanor offense.
  • Mink, Dawn S. (Bethlehem, PA) 1/29/10 Five-year license supervision for failing to report previous criminal history on the insurance producer license application.
  • Minnici, Joseph V.  (Harrisburg, PA)  2/06  
  • Minutello, Paul Martin  (Cranberry Township, PA)  9/06 
  • Misiti, Marc Anthony (Hanover, PA) 6/8/10 License revocation and five-year future license supervision for failing to report two misdemeanor arrests from 2008 and 2009 to the department.
  • Miskell, John J.   (Reading, PA)  12/04 
  • Mitchell, Dorian J. (Bala Cynwyd, PA) 11/18/10 License surrender and five-year future license supervision – Mitchell conducted several real estate settlements but failed to remit the funds collected to settle tax liens and titles.
  • Moan, Rhonda J.  (Pittsburgh, PA) 3/1/11 § 1033 waiver granted; indefinite supervision of license for prior felony conviction. 
  • Moan, Thomas John (Philadelphia, PA) 3/11/10 License surrender and five-year license supervision for failing to notify the department of a 2009 guilty plea for a misdemeanor and summary offense, to which he was placed in ARD for one year.
  • Modell, Steven S. (Wayne, PA) 1/4/12 Ten-year license supervision and $5,000 penalty – Modell failed to perform due diligence on whether or not other applications complied with Pa laws.

  • Moffitt, Cynthia A.  (Philadelphia, PA)  11/04  
  • Moffitt, Robert G. III (Philadelphia, PA) 4/26/11 Three-year license supervision – Moffitt was convicted of a misdemeanor theft in 2009, which was fully disclosed on his producer license application.
  • Molter, Charles A.  (Philadelphia, PA)  3/07
  • Molzer, Mark R.  (Wexford, PA) 12/06 
  • Monahan, James William (Plymouth Meeting, PA) 5/7/2013

    Indefinite license supervision – Monahan was granted an 18 U.S.C. Section 1033 waiver for a prior felony conviction.

  • Mondock, Stephen R.   (Bellefonte, PA)  8/05 
  • Monzon, Ariel (Lansdale, PA) 7/08 Five-year license supervision for failing to report a 2007 arrest
  • Moon, David Peter (West Chester, PA) 8/08 Five-year license supervision for making false statements and allegations about his former employer to former clients.
  • Moore, Gretchen (Morgantown, WV) 6/10/09 1033 waiver granted for prior felony conviction.
  • Moore, Ian Michael  (Pittsburgh, PA)  7/07
  • Moore, Joseph R., Sr., and Statewide Public Adjusters, Inc. (Philadelphia, PA) 7/9/10 License revocation and five-year future license supervision – Moore’s business had insufficient funds to process a claimant’s settlement check for an IRS tax lien.
  • Moore, Lori A. (Allentown, PA) 11/16/11 § 1033 waiver granted; indefinite supervision of license for prior felony conviction. 
  • Morgan, Danette Elise (Dallas, TX) 1/27/10 License revocation for issuing bogus workers compensation certificates in numerous states.
  • Morgenthaler, Jr., Paul   (Yardley, PA)  12/05  
  • Morrison, Carey R.  (Shrewsbury, PA) 4/11/11 Three-year license supervision – Morrison sold an association plan that did not have the proper Certificate of Authority to a Pennsylvania consumer.
  • Morrow, Garrett  (Philadelphia, PA) 7/7/11 Three-year license supervision – Morrow disclosed a 2008 felony drug charge on his producer license application.
  • Morrow, Jason S.  (Wescosville, PA)  9/05
  • Morry Hoffman Agency, Inc. (Pittsburgh, PA) 1/14/11 License revocation, restitution and 10-year future license supervision – The agencymisappropriated premium, committed forgery and dishonest acts involving a breach of fiduciary duty, and demonstrated a lack of competence to be a licensed producer.
  • Morton, Robert Daniel (Milford, PA) 4/3/2013

    Three-year license supervision; must report disposition of charges – Morton was arrested in 2012 and failed to report the criminal charges to the department.

  • Mortgage Protection Center (Burlington, NC)  6/07
  • Mortgage Protection Specialists  (Marriottsville, MD)  1/07
  • Moskowitz, Gary (Conshohocken, PA) 11/7/12 Three-year license supervision – Moskowitz’s real estate appraiser license was suspended and he was fined $1,500 for failing to prepare an appraisal within the standards set forth in the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice.

  • Mossman, Evan (Pittsburgh, PA) 7/30/12 Three-year license supervision – Mossman reported on his license application multiple felonies from 2007 thru 2012.

  • Motorists Life Insurance Company (Columbus, OH)  4/04 
  • Muhammad, Amir R. (Collingdale, PA) 1/28/2014

    Three-year license supervision – Mr. Muhammad failed to notify the department of his criminal arrest. 

  • Mullins, Robert E.  (Littlestown, PA)  4/06  
  • Mullins, Thomas J.   (Stroudsburg, PA)  5/08 2007 misdemeanor conviction which he failed to report to the Department, Surrender of producer license
  • Mulloy, Sean M.  (Media, PA)  9/05 
    Munifo, Joseph  (Vandling, PA)  6/05
  • Murdock, Celena Jo (Yeagertown, PA) 6/7/11 Three-year license supervision – Murdock pled guilty to prior felony; the felony was fully disclosed on her 2001 producer application.
  • Murphy, M. (Drums, PA) 8/28/2013

    Three-year license supervision - Murphy disclosed misdemeanors on his application.

  • Murphy, Mark A.  (Hadley, PA)  1/07
  • Murray, Brian J. (Scranton, PA) 7/31/09 License revocation, claims liability, and a $120,000 fine for failing to adequately supervise an employee who committed theft, for failing to mitigate the theft by protecting client accounts, and for soliciting business through an unlicensed producer.                                                                                                 
  • Murray, Kathleen P  (Sharpsville, PA) 10/04
  • Murray, Matthew M. Sr. (Millmont, PA) 11/14/12 Three-year license supervision – Murray fully disclosed a 2009 misdemeanor conviction on his motor vehicle physical damage appraiser application.

  • Myers IV, Francis E.  (Somerset, PA) 12/06
  • Myers, Gary L.  (Monaca, PA)  9/06 
  • Myers, Luke D. (Bensalem, PA)  6/07
  • Myers_Daniel_E.  (Gallitzin, PA) 6/04

  • O'Dell and Company, Inc.  (Pottstown, PA)  1/07
  • O'Dell, Thomas E.  (Mercer Island, WA)  3/07
  • O'Dell, Wilbert F.  (Pottstown, PA)  1/07
  • Oberdorf, Lisa L. (Washington Borough, PA) 3/22/11 Cease and desist, cooperation with other department investigations – Oberdorf applied undocumented discretionary discounts to insurance policies in a four-year timeframe.
  • Old Line Marketing Corporation  (Dunn, NC)  3/07
  • Oleski, Charles J. (WIlkes-Barre, PA) 9/08 License revocation for failing to notify the department of a prior felony arrest
  • Oliver, Christine M.  (Scranton, PA) 10/08 Surrender of license in March 2008 and five-year future license supervision for misappropriating $547,067.
  • Oliver, Ileana  aka Ileana Aguilar (Philadelphia, PA) 1/6/10 Five-year license supervision and 20-month license suspension for failing to mention a previous license revocation on a 2008 license application
  • Olson, Hanna M.   (Elk Grove, CA)  2/08 Felony conviction in home state; license revocation
  • Oppman, June E.  (Newport, PA) 4/25/11 Five-year license supervision – Oppman failed to pay personal income tax for three years, yet misrepresented on his license renewal that she was tax compliant.
  • Oravitz, Steven (New Brighton, PA) 4/30/10 Cease and desist and license revocation: Improperly misappropriating premium funds and fraud.
  • Oravitz, Stephen (Ringtown, PA) 1/27/2014

    Five-year license supervision, $2,000 civil penalty – Mr. Oravitz failed to report his 2013 arrest within 30 days.

  • Orvieto, Gary J.  (Wayne, PA)  1/05 
  • Orvieto, Gary J.  (Wayne, PA)  4/05