Archived Enforcement Actions P - R

Archived enforcement actions are available online beginning with 2004. To find or research older actions, please send an email to

  • Pacak, Jr., Charles W.   (Erie, PA) 11/05  
  • Pacheco, Julio C.  (Lebanon, PA)  01/06 
  • Pacsai, John P. (Brookville, PA) 5/12/09 Five-year license supervision for failing to report a 2003 misdemeanor conviction on his 2009 license application.
  • Padilla, Aida E.   (Philadelphia, PA)   1/08  Automobile insurance violations; license revocation
  • Pajka, Michael S. (Shavertown, PA) 3/17/11 Five-year license supervision and $1,000 penalty – Pajka failed to submit the required replacement forms for a universal life policy with an annuity.
  • Palazzo, Lorraine  (Broomall, PA)  9/05 
  • Pallotto, John R. (Philadelphia, PA) 3/10/09 Indefinite supervision of license for prior felony conviction, § 1033 waiver granted.
  • Pankowski, Richard J. (Pittsburgh, PA) 8/08 $1,000 penalty and three-year license supervision for unlicensed activity, misrepresentation using unapproved forms and replacement violations; and license surrender in the state of Montana
  • Pantano, Timothy A. (Levittown, PA) 7/17/09 Three-year license supervision for failing to disclose two misdemeanor convictions on his insurance producer application.
  • Paquin, Michele N. (Glenolden, PA) 9/08 Three-year license supervision for failing to provide a copy of an appraisal to a repair shop
  • Paramount Insurance Company   (New York, NY)  3/08 Untimely submission of workers compensation accident & illness prevention report; cease and desist
  • Pardue, Chaz Richard (Beaver, PA) 10/22/2013

    Five-year license supervision – Pardue failed to report a 2012 arrest and subsequent criminal proceedings.

  • Park Kwang E  (Philadelphia, PA) 5/04
  • Parker, Drake O.  (Meadville, PA)  4/07
  • Parmar, Nancy L.  (Muncy, PA)  6/06   
  • Parrish, Daimon C.   (Bryn Mawr, PA)  3/06
  • Pastorik, Kenneth (Tyrone, PA) 6/4/12 Five-year license supervision – Pastorik had convictions in 2009 for two drug-related felonies and one misdemeanor, which were disclosed on his license application.
  • Patel, Yogesh  (North Wales, PA)  9/05   
  • Patsko, Patrick E., II (Pittsburgh, PA) 12/8/10 Five year license supervision and requirement that Patsko comply with  a Department of Revenue Deferred Payment Plan – Patsko failed to pay personal income tax from 2000 to 2009, yet indicated on license renewals that he was tax compliant.
  • Patterson, James S.   (Malvern, PA) 11/05 
  • Patterson, Matthew J.  (Ridley Park, PA) 4/26/11 Five-year license supervision – Patterson was convicted of a felony in 2006, which was fully disclosed on his producer license application.
  • Patz, Gary J., Sr. (Brackenridge, PA) 12/08 Five year license supervision for a $40,000 annuity policy that was canceled for nonpayment of premium; Patz was listed as the agent of record.
  • Payne, Gary J.   (Beverly, MA)  2/05
  • Peak, Linda (Cochranton, PA) 10/14/09 License revocation and five-year future license supervision for felony conviction and failing to notify the department.
  • Pearsall, William C., Jr.  (Imperial, PA) 12/08 Five year supervision of motor vehicle physical damage appraiser license for failing to report a prior conviction.
  • Peck David P.   (Berwyn, PA)  10/04
  • Pellegrino, David  (Bel Air, MD)  9/07
  • Pellissier, Charles J.  (Citrus Heights, CA)  11/07  
  • Pence, Jeffrey T. (Glenwood, MD) 12/15/10 Five year license supervision and $4,000 penalty – Pence, a licensed public adjuster, falsely represented himself as a licensed attorney when negotiating a claim with an insurance company.
  • Penn Charter Mutual Insurance Company  (Lititz, PA)  01/06 
  • Penn-Star Insurance Company  (Bala Cynwyd, PA)  11/07
  • Penz, Jeffery D.  (Oakdale, PA)  7/07
  • Pepo, Heather D. (Dallastown, PA) 2/12/09 Cease and desist order, license surrender and five-year future license supervision for failing to report two felony arrests from 2008.  
  • Perry Allen J  (Lancaster, PA)  8/04
  • Perry, Samuel (Lancaster, PA) 7/30/2013

    License revocation– Perry failed to account for $3,698.00 in premium funds.

  • Personal Surplus Lines, Inc.  (Clifton Heights, PA)  12/05 
  • Petersen, Michael B. (Valencia, CA)  10/04
  • Petrisko, Sandra  (Coraopolis, PA)  8/07
  • Petruso, Richard P. (Erie, PA) 5/16/11 Three-year license supervision – Petruso failed to exercise due diligence to determine the validity of AIM Health Plans, which is an unlicensed entity, and subsequently sold coverage to a Pennsylvania consumer.
  • Pfeffer, David (Brooklyn, NY) 3/20/09 $1,000 penalty and five-year license supervision for failing to notify the department of a 2008 New York administrative action.
  • Pharmacists Mutual Insurance Company   (Algona, IA)  12/05
  • Philadelphia Insurance Company (Bala Cynwyd, PA) 1/29/09 $5,000 penalty and cease & desist order for the untimely submission of a workers’ compensation accident and illness prevention
  • Piccinini, Richard Jr. (Collegeville, PA) 3/4/13

    License recovation, $199,719.98 restitution and cooperation with related investigations – Piccinini solicited and sold insurance annuities, and/or replacements to prior annuities, without giving proper disclosure to policyholders.

  • Pickell, Kevin & Pickell, Robert (Blue Bell, PA; Collegeville, PA) 5/5/10
    Piechowicz, Thomas A.  (Irwin, PA)  11/06 
  • Pierce, Robert E.  (Palmyra, PA)  9/07
  • Pihakis, Michael Emmanuel  (Bridgeville, PA)  9/06
  • Pindell, Howard  (Upper Darby, PA)
  • Pocky, Troy D.  (Roscoe, PA) 11/05 
  • Podgurski, Michael Dennis (West Chester, PA) 10/08 Five year future supervision of producer license for two misdemeanors from 2003 disclosed on his initial insurance producer license.
  • Polomoscanik, Brandon M. (Belle Vernon, PA) 12/7/12

    Three-year license supervision – Polomoscanik failed to disclose a pending misdemeanor charge on his 2012 license application.

  • Pomerantz, David (Englewood, FL) 7/10/2013

    Five-year license supervision, $1,000 civil penalty – Pomerantz sent blank life insurance applications to residents of NJ, advising them to sign, yet indicated on the applications that they were signed in PA.

  • Pope, Anthony  (Verona, PA) 11/07
  • Pope, Dwayne E (East Berlin, PA) 8/04
  • Pope, Seth M. (Harrisburg, PA) 1/15/13

    License revocation – Pope pled guilty to theft charges in 2011 and failed to report the arrest or conviction to the department.

  • Port, David Lewis (Altoona, PA) 5/7/2013

    Indefinite license supervision – Port was granted an 18 U.S.C. Section 1033 waiver for a prior felony conviction.

  • Porterfield III,. Herlen C.  (Lansdowne, PA)  10/07
  • Portis, Jeffrey R.(Pittsburgh, PA) 2/12/13

    Five-year license supervision, $2,000 penalty and $1,214.97 restitution – Portis failed to renew his license, resulting in a client’s car being impounded.

  • Potts, Jacob F. (West Chester, PA) 11/08 Voluntary license surrender for failing to report a 2008 felony and misdemeanor guilty plea.  
  • Powell, Christopher Davis (Pittsburgh, PA) 6/3/10
  • Powell, Larry O.  (Philadelphia, PA)  10/07
  • Preferred Transportation Insurance, Inc., and Webb, Katherine M. (Erie, PA) 12/09/09 License revocation and five-year future license supervision for failing to remit $167,305 in collected premiums from policyholders.
  • Prezgar, Gregory F. (Belle Vernon, PA)  5/07
  • Priore, Christopher P. Sr. (Pittsburgh, PA) 7/1/11 § 1033 waiver granted; indefinite supervision of license for prior felony conviction. 
  • Professional Casualty Associates (King of Prussia, PA) 5/28/2013

    $25,000 civil penalty; $25,000 reimbursement to the department for administrative and legal expenses; $9,255.00 for outstanding appointment fees – From 2003 to the present, Professional Casualty Associates executed contracts by appointing various insurance producers, but did not notify the departments of the appointments.

  • Professional Lines Underwriting Specialists, Inc.  (Austin, TX) 11/08 $4,000 penalty and five-year license supervision for procuring four surplus lines policies for Pennsylvania policyholders without a surplus lines license.
  • Progressive Casualty Insurance Company (Mayfield Village, OH) 9/1/09 $25,000 penalty for continuing to violate several sections of law addressed in a January 2008 market conduct examination.  Not complying.    
  • Property and Casualty Insurance Company of Hartford (Hartford, CT) 2/3/09 Cease and desist order for untimely submitting the workers’ compensation Accident & Illness Prevention Report.
  • Providence Property and Casualty Insurance Company  (Frisco, TX)  4/08 Untimely submission of Workers' Compensation Accident & Illness Prevention Report; Cease and desist
  • Public Service Mutual Insurance Company (New York, NY)  3/08  Untimely submission of workers compensation accident & illness prevention report; cease and desist
  • Puchi, Eugene G. Jr. (Muse, PA) 7/16/12 Five-year license supervision – Puchi’s producer license was previously suspended twice for failure to pay child support. 
  • Pullian, Newton A. Jr. (Philadelphia, PA) 5/29/2014

    § 1033 waiver granted; indefinite supervision of license for prior felony conviction.

  • Pullman, Ronald V. (Carnegie, PA) 10/20/2014

    Three-year license supervision; $10,000 penalty; shall assist the Pennsylvania Insurance Department in conducting investigations – Pullman submitted an application on behalf of the applicant that indicated that it was executed in Virginia by the insured individual, as well as Respondent himself, when in fact, neither he nor the insured were in Virginia when the application was executed.

  • Puth, Stephen Joseph  (Santa Clarita, CA)  04/05
  • Puzan, Shane W. (Phoenixville, PA) 10/5/12 Five-year license supervision and $1,000 penalty – Puzan submitted two employer reports for unemployment compensation that contained false information.

  • Quaintance, Lori J.  (Reading, PA)  2/06
  • Queen, James M.  (Philadelphia, PA)  10/07
  • Quinn, Charles F. IV (Bensalem, PA) 11/20/12 Five-year license supervision and $1,000 penalty – Quinn twice endorsed the name of a policyholder and mortgage company in 2011. Quinn’s employer made restitution to the policyholder

  • Quinn, John P.  (Millersville, PA)  8/06

  • Rader, Todd T. (West Chester, PA) 9/13/11 Five-year license supervision – Rader failed to report a 2008 felony drug charge to the department.
  • Ragans, Michael D. (Arnold, PA) 8/19/09 Five-year license supervision for Class C felonies from 2001, which were disclosed on his insurance producer application.
  • Raimondo, Scott C.  (West Chester, PA) 3/05 
  • Rammco Surety, Inc.  (Willow Grove/Trevose, PA) 12/06   
  • Randall, Glenn  (Ambler, PA)  7/05 
  • Randall, Glenn (Philadelphia, PA) 3/19/10 Five-year supervision of title agent license and withdrawn insurance producer license application for commingling title insurance premiums and failing to fulfill fiduciary capacity in handling those funds.
  • Rappoldt, Gary W.  (Thomasville, PA)  6/05
  • Rauhauser, Scott D.  (York, PA)  1/05
  • Ray, Nelson L. Jr. (York, PA) 8/24/09 Five-year license supervision and $1,000 penalty for placing a signature on an insurance application without the permission of the policyholder.
  • Reagle, Robert M. (Pen Argyle, PA)  3/04
  • Realm_National_Insurance_Company  (New York, NY)  10/04
  • Reap, Michael B. (West Trenton, NJ) 9/21/10 Five-year license supervision and $5,000 penalty – Reap, a non-resident producer, owned and operated an unlicensed, unregistered entity and signed seven annuity applications for his non-appointed partner.
  • Reedy, Judy L. (Pittsburgh, PA) 8/08 Prior felony conviction, §1033 waiver, ongoing supervision of producer license
  • Reese, William J. Jr.  (Houston, TX)  3/07
  • Reeves, Mark (Norristown, PA) 6/17/2013

    Indefinite license supervision – Reeves was granted an 18 U.S.C. Section 1033 waiver for a prior felony conviction

  • Regis Insurance Company  (Wayne, PA) 10/05   
  • Rehrig, Todd D. (Lehighton, PA) 9/28/10 Seven-year license supervision – Rehrig failed to disclose three criminal convictions when applying for an insurance producer license.
  • Reid, Richard E. and USA Insurance Brokers, LLC (Cheswick, PA) 6/11/2014

    Five-year license supervision; $5,000 penalty – Reid allowed an unlicensed employee to conduct insurance transactions on three separate occasions and failed to remit all premium monies resulting in a policyholder receiving cancellation notices.

  • Reilly, Kyle P.   (Alburtis, PA)  2/08 Replacement error without policyholder authorization; 5-year license supervision 
  • Reinhard, Craig H.   (Allentown, PA)  5/08  Misappropriated $15,000 premium payment and did not procure insurance, Company made insured whole; Revocation, Five-year future license supervision
  • Reisinger, Daniel J.   (Landenberg, PA) 12/05
  • Reisinger, Rebecca (Elliotsburg, PA) 8/3/12 Five-year license supervision – Reisinger failed to pay personal income tax from 2005 to 2011, which she misrepresented on her license renewals

  • REO Land Services, Inc. (Pittsburgh, PA) and Kimberly A. Mackey (Oakdale, PA) 08/05/11 License revocations – Mackey did not properly disclose HUD settlement statements and records were not maintained as required.
  • Resnick, Donald (Wyncote, PA) 10/9/09 License revocation and five-year future license supervision for failing to notify the department within 30 days of to two felony convictions in 2009.
  • Retirement Income Counseling  (Pittsburgh, PA)  4/07
  • Revels, Mary  (Drexel, PA)  9/04
  • Rex_Patrick_R  (Lynnport,PA)
  • Rex_Patrick_R  (Lynnport,PA)  7/04
  • Rexach, Carlos A. (Philadelphia, PA) 8/23/2013

    License supervision extension – Rexach’s license supervision from a 9/25/2012 Consent Order has been extended to 9/25/2018.

  • Rexach, Carlos A. (Philadelphia, PA) 9/25/12 Three-year license supervision – Rexach was arrested on criminal charges in 2012 that were not reported to the department.

  • Reyna, Mysty (Palmerton, PA) 4/11/2013

    Three-year license supervision – Reyna fully disclosed administrative actions from May and June 2012 with the Commonwealth of Virginia.

  • Rhoads, William D. (Reading, PA)  3/04
  • Richard B Ryon Insurance  (Pottsville, PA)  10/04
  • Ricketts, Norris (Delta, PA) 11/4/2014

    License Surrender – Ricketts failed to report a Maryland administrative action to the Pennsylvania Insurance Department within 30 days. 

  • Riddagh, Kelly Ann (Linwood, PA) 5/6/10 License revocation and five-year future license supervision for submitting non-genuine insurance applications and using fictitious applicants, social security numbers, signatures, addresses and/or payroll accounts.
  • Riddle, Aaron (Oakland, MD) 10/20/09 License revocation and five-year future license supervision for April 2009 felony conviction and failing to report the conviction within 30 days to the department.
  • Ries, R. Keith   (Trevose, PA) 11/05
  • Riggins, Johnieka R. (Trenton, NJ) 05/23/12 Five-year license supervision – Riggins fully disclosed a 2012 misdemeanor conviction on her 2012 producer license application.
  • Riley, Colleen R. (Richboro, PA) 3/11/10 Five-year license supervision for placing individuals from various backgrounds, in order to obtain group health insurance coverage, into a non-existent association, and requested the company to backdate coverage.
  • Risk Management Solutions of America (Chicago, IL) 12/15/10 Five-year license supervision and $2,000 penalty – The company failed to provide a copy of its 2009 surplus lines filing due to the Department of Revenue on 1/31/10.
  • Ritchie, Christopher G. (Chester Springs, PA) and Alliance Settlement Services Company (Wayne, PA) 1/5/12 Five-year license supervision – Ritchie failed to disclose actions from other states on the renewal applications for himself and Alliance.

  • Rivera, Kyle A. (Phillipsburg, NJ) 10/2/2013

    Five-year license supervision – Rivera failed to fully and accurately disclose his criminal history on his initial producer’s application.

  • Rizk-Allen, Angel A. (Philadelphia, PA) and Angel Abstract Services (Huntingdon Valley, PA) 3/21/12 License surrender – Rizk-Allen and the agency collected over $44,000 on behalf of a company to pay for transfer taxes and recording fees, yet an audit disclosed the money was missing from escrow funds and never forwarded to the proper entities.

  • RMI Group, Inc. (Dickson City, PA) 12/12/12

    License revocation – RMI Group, without admitting the allegations, agreed to settle allegations of misappropriation of premium and failure to operate the agency under the management of a designated licensee.

  • Robbins, Matthew C  (Macungie, PA)  10/04
  • Robert J. Stillwell Agency, Inc. (Spring House, PA) 3/22/11  $2,732.25 restitution – Agency allowed employees to solicit the AIM and CEO Club health plan, without conducting due diligence to determine if it was a bona fide health plan. One consumer, in turn, incurred unpaid medical expenses.
  • Roberts, Craig C. (Saylorsburg, PA) 11/10/10 Five-year license supervision and $5,000 civil penalty – Roberts, who is a licensed title agent, shared commissions with an unlicensed individual.
  • Robinson, Andrew (Mineral Point, PA) 10/31/2014

    License Revocation – Robinson failed to report charges and convictions to the department; he has pending felony charges.

  • Robinson, Damien Lee  (Johnstown, PA) 10/05
  • Robinson, Destany (Duquesne, PA) 4/22/2014

    License revocation – Robinson failed to report criminal proceedings.

  • Robinson, Summer Marie (Mineral Point, PA) 7/9/2014

  • Robison, Adrian Rand (Rigby, ID) 10/6/2014

    License Surrender – Robison pled guilty to a felony in the U.S. District Court of Idaho.

  • Robison, Adrian Russell (Idaho Falls, ID) 10/6/2014

    License Surrender License – Robison pled guilty to a felony in the U.S. District Court of Idaho.

  • Robison, Theresa A.  (Espyville, PA)  11/06  
  • Rocco, John A.  (Florham Park, NJ) 9/29/09  $5,000 penalty and five-year license supervision for failing to timely remit full premium payments.
  • Rocco, John Angelo  (Florham Park, NJ)  7/06 
  • Roehrs, Geoffrey C. (West Grove, PA) 9/10/10 Five-year period of license supervision – Roehers failed to notify the department on multiple license applications that he owed personal income taxes to the commonwealth. He entered into the Tax Amnesty Program.
  • Rogers, Cari M. (Wattsburg, PA) 3/15/2013

    License revocation – Rogers was terminated for misappropriating premium while working for an insurance agency. Rogers made restitution and cooperated with the department’s investigation.

  • Rollins, Odessa Way (Orlando, FL) 10/08 Three-year license supervision for not disclosing prior application denials on her 2008 insurance producer license application.
  • Romeo, Woodolph (Elmont, NY) 7/21/10 15-year license revocation and $22,000 fine – Romeo failed to disclose a 2005 felony conviction and prison term on his insurance producer application.
  • Rooney, Constance E. (Frazer, PA)  1/04
  • Roros, Jesse E.  (Mechanicsburg, PA)  3/07
  • Rosen, Nancy (Freehold, NJ)  6/07
  • Rosenburg, Edward J. Jr. (Bristol, PA) 12/12/11 Three-year license supervision – Rosenburg failed to report on his license renewal an arrest and guilty plea for two felonies in 2011.
  • Rosetti, Debbie Ann (Norristown, PA) 3/2/10 § 1033 waiver granted; indefinite supervision of license for prior felony conviction. 
  • Rothman, David L. (Richboro, PA) 10/22/2014

    License Revocation – Rothman did not report felony criminal charges or administration action to the Pennsylvania Insurance Department.

  • Rothrauff, Marjorie Dee (Pittsburgh, PA) 10/26/10 Ten-year license revocation, restitution and ten-year future license supervision – Rothrauff failed to insure that the insurance agency did not misappropriate premiums or fail to remit premiums.

  • Rouse, Philip J.   (South Milwaukee, WI)  12/05
  • Rowan, Matthew C. (Weirton, WV) 8/7/09  License revocation for placing a non-genuine signature for the release of medical records.    
  • Rubin, Steven H.  (Orange, OH)  9/07
  • Rudd, John R. (White Oak, PA) 7/2/2013

    Five-year supervision – Rudd failed to fully disclose his criminal history on the license application.

  • Ruiz, Raul  (Allentown, PA) 11/07