Archived Enforcement Actions P - R

Archived enforcement actions are available online beginning with 2004. To find or research older actions, please send an email to

  • Pacak, Jr., Charles W.   (Erie, PA) 11/05  
  • Pacheco, Julio C.  (Lebanon, PA)  01/06 
  • Pacsai, John P. (Brookville, PA) 5/12/09 Five-year license supervision for failing to report a 2003 misdemeanor conviction on his 2009 license application.
  • Padilla, Aida E.   (Philadelphia, PA)   1/08  Automobile insurance violations; license revocation
  • Pajka, Michael S. (Shavertown, PA) 3/17/11 Five-year license supervision and $1,000 penalty – Pajka failed to submit the required replacement forms for a universal life policy with an annuity.
  • Palazzo, Lorraine  (Broomall, PA)  9/05 
  • Pallotto, John R. (Philadelphia, PA) 3/10/09 Indefinite supervision of license for prior felony conviction, § 1033 waiver granted.
  • Pankowski, Richard J. (Pittsburgh, PA) 8/08 $1,000 penalty and three-year license supervision for unlicensed activity, misrepresentation using unapproved forms and replacement violations; and license surrender in the state of Montana
  • Pantano, Timothy A. (Levittown, PA) 7/17/09 Three-year license supervision for failing to disclose two misdemeanor convictions on his insurance producer application.
  • Paquin, Michele N. (Glenolden, PA) 9/08 Three-year license supervision for failing to provide a copy of an appraisal to a repair shop
  • Paramount Insurance Company   (New York, NY)  3/08 Untimely submission of workers compensation accident & illness prevention report; cease and desist
  • Pardue, Chaz Richard (Beaver, PA) 10/22/2013

    Five-year license supervision – Pardue failed to report a 2012 arrest and subsequent criminal proceedings.

  • Park Kwang E  (Philadelphia, PA) 5/04
  • Parker, Drake O.  (Meadville, PA)  4/07
  • Parmar, Nancy L.  (Muncy, PA)  6/06   
  • Parrish, Daimon C.   (Bryn Mawr, PA)  3/06
  • Pastorik, Kenneth (Tyrone, PA) 6/4/12 Five-year license supervision – Pastorik had convictions in 2009 for two drug-related felonies and one misdemeanor, which were disclosed on his license application.
  • Patel, Yogesh  (North Wales, PA)  9/05   
  • Patsko, Patrick E., II (Pittsburgh, PA) 12/8/10 Five year license supervision and requirement that Patsko comply with  a Department of Revenue Deferred Payment Plan – Patsko failed to pay personal income tax from 2000 to 2009, yet indicated on license renewals that he was tax compliant.
  • Patterson, James S.   (Malvern, PA) 11/05 
  • Patterson, Matthew J.  (Ridley Park, PA) 4/26/11 Five-year license supervision – Patterson was convicted of a felony in 2006, which was fully disclosed on his producer license application.
  • Patz, Gary J., Sr. (Brackenridge, PA) 12/08 Five year license supervision for a $40,000 annuity policy that was canceled for nonpayment of premium; Patz was listed as the agent of record.
  • Payne, Gary J.   (Beverly, MA)  2/05
  • Peak, Linda (Cochranton, PA) 10/14/09 License revocation and five-year future license supervision for felony conviction and failing to notify the department.
  • Pearsall, William C., Jr.  (Imperial, PA) 12/08 Five year supervision of motor vehicle physical damage appraiser license for failing to report a prior conviction.
  • Peck David P.   (Berwyn, PA)  10/04
  • Pellegrino, David  (Bel Air, MD)  9/07
  • Pellissier, Charles J.  (Citrus Heights, CA)  11/07  
  • Pence, Jeffrey T. (Glenwood, MD) 12/15/10 Five year license supervision and $4,000 penalty – Pence, a licensed public adjuster, falsely represented himself as a licensed attorney when negotiating a claim with an insurance company.
  • Penn Charter Mutual Insurance Company  (Lititz, PA)  01/06 
  • Penn-Star Insurance Company  (Bala Cynwyd, PA)  11/07
  • Penz, Jeffery D.  (Oakdale, PA)  7/07
  • Pepo, Heather D. (Dallastown, PA) 2/12/09 Cease and desist order, license surrender and five-year future license supervision for failing to report two felony arrests from 2008.  
  • Perry Allen J  (Lancaster, PA)  8/04
  • Perry, Samuel (Lancaster, PA) 7/30/2013

    License revocation– Perry failed to account for $3,698.00 in premium funds.

  • Personal Surplus Lines, Inc.  (Clifton Heights, PA)  12/05 
  • Petersen, Michael B. (Valencia, CA)  10/04
  • Petrisko, Sandra  (Coraopolis, PA)  8/07
  • Petruso, Richard P. (Erie, PA) 5/16/11 Three-year license supervision – Petruso failed to exercise due diligence to determine the validity of AIM Health Plans, which is an unlicensed entity, and subsequently sold coverage to a Pennsylvania consumer.
  • Pfeffer, David (Brooklyn, NY) 3/20/09 $1,000 penalty and five-year license supervision for failing to notify the department of a 2008 New York administrative action.
  • Pharmacists Mutual Insurance Company   (Algona, IA)  12/05
  • Philadelphia Insurance Company (Bala Cynwyd, PA) 1/29/09 $5,000 penalty and cease & desist order for the untimely submission of a workers’ compensation accident and illness prevention
  • Piccinini, Richard Jr. (Collegeville, PA) 3/4/13

    License recovation, $199,719.98 restitution and cooperation with related investigations – Piccinini solicited and sold insurance annuities, and/or replacements to prior annuities, without giving proper disclosure to policyholders.

  • Pickell, Kevin & Pickell, Robert (Blue Bell, PA; Collegeville, PA) 5/5/10
    Piechowicz, Thomas A.  (Irwin, PA)  11/06 
  • Pierce, Robert E.  (Palmyra, PA)  9/07
  • Pihakis, Michael Emmanuel  (Bridgeville, PA)  9/06
  • Pindell, Howard  (Upper Darby, PA)
  • Pocky, Troy D.  (Roscoe, PA) 11/05 
  • Podgurski, Michael Dennis (West Chester, PA) 10/08 Five year future supervision of producer license for two misdemeanors from 2003 disclosed on his initial insurance producer license.
  • Polomoscanik, Brandon M. (Belle Vernon, PA) 12/7/12

    Three-year license supervision – Polomoscanik failed to disclose a pending misdemeanor charge on his 2012 license application.

  • Pomerantz, David (Englewood, FL) 7/10/2013

    Five-year license supervision, $1,000 civil penalty – Pomerantz sent blank life insurance applications to residents of NJ, advising them to sign, yet indicated on the applications that they were signed in PA.

  • Pope, Anthony  (Verona, PA) 11/07
  • Pope, Dwayne E (East Berlin, PA) 8/04
  • Pope, Seth M. (Harrisburg, PA) 1/15/13

    License revocation – Pope pled guilty to theft charges in 2011 and failed to report the arrest or conviction to the department.

  • Port, David Lewis (Altoona, PA) 5/7/2013

    Indefinite license supervision – Port was granted an 18 U.S.C. Section 1033 waiver for a prior felony conviction.

  • Porterfield III,. Herlen C.  (Lansdowne, PA)  10/07
  • Portis, Jeffrey R.(Pittsburgh, PA) 2/12/13

    Five-year license supervision, $2,000 penalty and $1,214.97 restitution – Portis failed to renew his license, resulting in a client’s car being impounded.

  • Potts, Jacob F. (West Chester, PA) 11/08 Voluntary license surrender for failing to report a 2008 felony and misdemeanor guilty plea.  
  • Powell, Christopher Davis (Pittsburgh, PA) 6/3/10
  • Powell, Larry O.  (Philadelphia, PA)  10/07
  • Preferred Transportation Insurance, Inc., and Webb, Katherine M. (Erie, PA) 12/09/09 License revocation and five-year future license supervision for failing to remit $167,305 in collected premiums from policyholders.
  • Prezgar, Gregory F. (Belle Vernon, PA)  5/07
  • Priore, Christopher P. Sr. (Pittsburgh, PA) 7/1/11 § 1033 waiver granted; indefinite supervision of license for prior felony conviction. 
  • Professional Casualty Associates (King of Prussia, PA) 5/28/2013

    $25,000 civil penalty; $25,000 reimbursement to the department for administrative and legal expenses; $9,255.00 for outstanding appointment fees – From 2003 to the present, Professional Casualty Associates executed contracts by appointing various insurance producers, but did not notify the departments of the appointments.

  • Professional Lines Underwriting Specialists, Inc.  (Austin, TX) 11/08 $4,000 penalty and five-year license supervision for procuring four surplus lines policies for Pennsylvania policyholders without a surplus lines license.
  • Progressive Casualty Insurance Company (Mayfield Village, OH) 9/1/09 $25,000 penalty for continuing to violate several sections of law addressed in a January 2008 market conduct examination.  Not complying.    
  • Property and Casualty Insurance Company of Hartford (Hartford, CT) 2/3/09 Cease and desist order for untimely submitting the workers’ compensation Accident & Illness Prevention Report.
  • Providence Property and Casualty Insurance Company  (Frisco, TX)  4/08 Untimely submission of Workers' Compensation Accident & Illness Prevention Report; Cease and desist
  • Public Service Mutual Insurance Company (New York, NY)  3/08  Untimely submission of workers compensation accident & illness prevention report; cease and desist
  • Puchi, Eugene G. Jr. (Muse, PA) 7/16/12 Five-year license supervision – Puchi’s producer license was previously suspended twice for failure to pay child support.
  • Puth, Stephen Joseph  (Santa Clarita, CA)  04/05
  • Puzan, Shane W. (Phoenixville, PA) 10/5/12 Five-year license supervision and $1,000 penalty – Puzan submitted two employer reports for unemployment compensation that contained false information.

  • Quaintance, Lori J.  (Reading, PA)  2/06
  • Queen, James M.  (Philadelphia, PA)  10/07
  • Quinn, Charles F. IV (Bensalem, PA) 11/20/12 Five-year license supervision and $1,000 penalty – Quinn twice endorsed the name of a policyholder and mortgage company in 2011. Quinn’s employer made restitution to the policyholder

  • Quinn, John P.  (Millersville, PA)  8/06

  • Rader, Todd T. (West Chester, PA) 9/13/11 Five-year license supervision – Rader failed to report a 2008 felony drug charge to the department.
  • Ragans, Michael D. (Arnold, PA) 8/19/09 Five-year license supervision for Class C felonies from 2001, which were disclosed on his insurance producer application.
  • Raimondo, Scott C.  (West Chester, PA) 3/05 
  • Rammco Surety, Inc.  (Willow Grove/Trevose, PA) 12/06   
  • Randall, Glenn  (Ambler, PA)  7/05 
  • Randall, Glenn (Philadelphia, PA) 3/19/10 Five-year supervision of title agent license and withdrawn insurance producer license application for commingling title insurance premiums and failing to fulfill fiduciary capacity in handling those funds.
  • Rappoldt, Gary W.  (Thomasville, PA)  6/05
  • Rauhauser, Scott D.  (York, PA)  1/05
  • Ray, Nelson L. Jr. (York, PA) 8/24/09 Five-year license supervision and $1,000 penalty for placing a signature on an insurance application without the permission of the policyholder.
  • Reagle, Robert M. (Pen Argyle, PA)  3/04
  • Realm_National_Insurance_Company  (New York, NY)  10/04
  • Reap, Michael B. (West Trenton, NJ) 9/21/10 Five-year license supervision and $5,000 penalty – Reap, a non-resident producer, owned and operated an unlicensed, unregistered entity and signed seven annuity applications for his non-appointed partner.
  • Reedy, Judy L. (Pittsburgh, PA) 8/08 Prior felony conviction, §1033 waiver, ongoing supervision of producer license
  • Reese, William J. Jr.  (Houston, TX)  3/07
  • Reeves, Mark (Norristown, PA) 6/17/2013

    Indefinite license supervision – Reeves was granted an 18 U.S.C. Section 1033 waiver for a prior felony conviction

  • Regis Insurance Company  (Wayne, PA) 10/05   
  • Rehrig, Todd D. (Lehighton, PA) 9/28/10 Seven-year license supervision – Rehrig failed to disclose three criminal convictions when applying for an insurance producer license.
  • Reilly, Kyle P.   (Alburtis, PA)  2/08 Replacement error without policyholder authorization; 5-year license supervision 
  • Reinhard, Craig H.   (Allentown, PA)  5/08  Misappropriated $15,000 premium payment and did not procure insurance, Company made insured whole; Revocation, Five-year future license supervision
  • Reisinger, Daniel J.   (Landenberg, PA) 12/05
  • Reisinger, Rebecca (Elliotsburg, PA) 8/3/12 Five-year license supervision – Reisinger failed to pay personal income tax from 2005 to 2011, which she misrepresented on her license renewals

  • REO Land Services, Inc. (Pittsburgh, PA) and Kimberly A. Mackey (Oakdale, PA) 08/05/11 License revocations – Mackey did not properly disclose HUD settlement statements and records were not maintained as required.
  • Resnick, Donald (Wyncote, PA) 10/9/09 License revocation and five-year future license supervision for failing to notify the department within 30 days of to two felony convictions in 2009.
  • Retirement Income Counseling  (Pittsburgh, PA)  4/07
  • Revels, Mary  (Drexel, PA)  9/04
  • Rex_Patrick_R  (Lynnport,PA)
  • Rex_Patrick_R  (Lynnport,PA)  7/04
  • Rexach, Carlos A. (Philadelphia, PA) 8/23/2013

    License supervision extension – Rexach’s license supervision from a 9/25/2012 Consent Order has been extended to 9/25/2018.

  • Rexach, Carlos A. (Philadelphia, PA) 9/25/12 Three-year license supervision – Rexach was arrested on criminal charges in 2012 that were not reported to the department.

  • Reyna, Mysty (Palmerton, PA) 4/11/2013

    Three-year license supervision – Reyna fully disclosed administrative actions from May and June 2012 with the Commonwealth of Virginia.

  • Rhoads, William D. (Reading, PA)  3/04
  • Richard B Ryon Insurance  (Pottsville, PA)  10/04 
  • Riddagh, Kelly Ann (Linwood, PA) 5/6/10 License revocation and five-year future license supervision for submitting non-genuine insurance applications and using fictitious applicants, social security numbers, signatures, addresses and/or payroll accounts.
  • Riddle, Aaron (Oakland, MD) 10/20/09 License revocation and five-year future license supervision for April 2009 felony conviction and failing to report the conviction within 30 days to the department.
  • Ries, R. Keith   (Trevose, PA) 11/05
  • Riggins, Johnieka R. (Trenton, NJ) 05/23/12 Five-year license supervision – Riggins fully disclosed a 2012 misdemeanor conviction on her 2012 producer license application.
  • Riley, Colleen R. (Richboro, PA) 3/11/10 Five-year license supervision for placing individuals from various backgrounds, in order to obtain group health insurance coverage, into a non-existent association, and requested the company to backdate coverage.
  • Risk Management Solutions of America (Chicago, IL) 12/15/10 Five-year license supervision and $2,000 penalty – The company failed to provide a copy of its 2009 surplus lines filing due to the Department of Revenue on 1/31/10.
  • Ritchie, Christopher G. (Chester Springs, PA) and Alliance Settlement Services Company (Wayne, PA) 1/5/12 Five-year license supervision – Ritchie failed to disclose actions from other states on the renewal applications for himself and Alliance.

  • Rivera, Kyle A. (Phillipsburg, NJ) 10/2/2013

    Five-year license supervision – Rivera failed to fully and accurately disclose his criminal history on his initial producer’s application.

  • Rizk-Allen, Angel A. (Philadelphia, PA) and Angel Abstract Services (Huntingdon Valley, PA) 3/21/12 License surrender – Rizk-Allen and the agency collected over $44,000 on behalf of a company to pay for transfer taxes and recording fees, yet an audit disclosed the money was missing from escrow funds and never forwarded to the proper entities.

  • RMI Group, Inc. (Dickson City, PA) 12/12/12

    License revocation – RMI Group, without admitting the allegations, agreed to settle allegations of misappropriation of premium and failure to operate the agency under the management of a designated licensee.

  • Robbins, Matthew C  (Macungie, PA)  10/04
  • Robert J. Stillwell Agency, Inc. (Spring House, PA) 3/22/11  $2,732.25 restitution – Agency allowed employees to solicit the AIM and CEO Club health plan, without conducting due diligence to determine if it was a bona fide health plan. One consumer, in turn, incurred unpaid medical expenses.
  • Roberts, Craig C. (Saylorsburg, PA) 11/10/10 Five-year license supervision and $5,000 civil penalty – Roberts, who is a licensed title agent, shared commissions with an unlicensed individual.
  • Robinson, Damien Lee  (Johnstown, PA) 10/05
  • Robison, Theresa A.  (Espyville, PA)  11/06  
  • Rocco, John A.  (Florham Park, NJ) 9/29/09  $5,000 penalty and five-year license supervision for failing to timely remit full premium payments.
  • Rocco, John Angelo  (Florham Park, NJ)  7/06 
  • Roehrs, Geoffrey C. (West Grove, PA) 9/10/10 Five-year period of license supervision – Roehers failed to notify the department on multiple license applications that he owed personal income taxes to the commonwealth. He entered into the Tax Amnesty Program.
  • Rogers, Cari M. (Wattsburg, PA) 3/15/2013

    License revocation – Rogers was terminated for misappropriating premium while working for an insurance agency. Rogers made restitution and cooperated with the department’s investigation.

  • Rollins, Odessa Way (Orlando, FL) 10/08 Three-year license supervision for not disclosing prior application denials on her 2008 insurance producer license application.
  • Romeo, Woodolph (Elmont, NY) 7/21/10 15-year license revocation and $22,000 fine – Romeo failed to disclose a 2005 felony conviction and prison term on his insurance producer application.
  • Rooney, Constance E. (Frazer, PA)  1/04
  • Roros, Jesse E.  (Mechanicsburg, PA)  3/07
  • Rosen, Nancy (Freehold, NJ)  6/07
  • Rosenburg, Edward J. Jr. (Bristol, PA) 12/12/11 Three-year license supervision – Rosenburg failed to report on his license renewal an arrest and guilty plea for two felonies in 2011.
  • Rosetti, Debbie Ann (Norristown, PA) 3/2/10 § 1033 waiver granted; indefinite supervision of license for prior felony conviction. 
  • Rothrauff, Marjorie Dee (Pittsburgh, PA) 10/26/10 Ten-year license revocation, restitution and ten-year future license supervision – Rothrauff failed to insure that the insurance agency did not misappropriate premiums or fail to remit premiums.
  • Rouse, Philip J.   (South Milwaukee, WI)  12/05
  • Rowan, Matthew C. (Weirton, WV) 8/7/09  License revocation for placing a non-genuine signature for the release of medical records.    
  • Rubin, Steven H.  (Orange, OH)  9/07
  • Rudd, John R. (White Oak, PA) 7/2/2013

    Five-year supervision – Rudd failed to fully disclose his criminal history on the license application.

  • Ruiz, Raul  (Allentown, PA) 11/07