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Generic Petition Process

In 2014, the Department is introducing the Candidate Petition Form webpage, which enables candidates to create pre-printed, personalized nomination petition forms online.  Forms created using the Candidate Petition Form webpage offer several benefits, including the following:

• A candidate may save an electronic copy of the nomination petition forms for efficient distribution to volunteers.
• These nomination petition forms virtually eliminate the possibility of printing errors by campaign volunteers and/or data entry errors by Department personnel.
• These nomination petition forms are designed to streamline the login and petition review conducted at the Department of State, which will reduce the amount of time candidates spend waiting in line.

The Department will continue to offer “generic” nomination petition pages for each office on the ballot to those individuals who wish to use them. Please note that the generic nomination petitions on this page will not provide many of the benefits noted above. If you have questions about the Candidate Petition Form webpage or wish to have a paper nomination petition packet mailed to you, please contact the Department of State toll-free at 1-877-868-3772.

Petitions must be printed 2-sided on 8 ½ x 11” paper, head to head

Each petition page must be notarized after signatures are gathered

Petition pages will now contain 30 signatures

Remember to click on the link on the petition form webpage to obtain the Statement of Financial Interests form.

Things You Will Need” Checklist

A Completed and Notarized Candidate’s Affidavit

A Nomination Petition with the required number of signatures

A copy of your Statement of Financial Interests 

    *Not required for Federal or Political Party Offices

A Cashier’s Check or Money Order payable to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

Create a personalized nomination petition form packet

View a copy of the nomination petition instructions

Frequently Asked Questions

Things You Will Need” Checklist



State Senate

State House

Republican State Committee

Democratic State Committee

For questions email petitions@pa.gov

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