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Overview of Student Internships with PA Historical & Museum Commission

The Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission (PHMC) offers a variety of internship opportunities to undergraduate and graduate students interested in pursuing a career in public history. PHMC, an agency of state government, is the official history agency of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, responsible for preserving, documenting, and interpreting Pennsylvania's diverse history and making this history accessible to the public. It is a multi-service public history agency, including the Pennsylvania State Archives, The State Museum of Pennsylvania, and the State Historic Preservation Office, all located in Harrisburg, as well as historic sites and museums located throughout the Commonwealth, known collectively as the Pennsylvania Trails of History.

The PHMC offers four internship programs with differing experiences to help you on your career track.

Three programs are offered exclusively during the summer. These are:

* The Keystone program is only open to upper level undergraduate and graduate students.

Other Internship Opportunities in applied history are available throughout the year and can be arranged on either a full or part time basis. Please follow links to the specific programs for detailed information and application materials.

All PHMC internships, whether full or part time, are structured educational experiences, designed to provide hands-on, real world experience that complements students' academic work. PHMC interns work side-by-side with seasoned professionals on both special projects and ongoing programs. Every effort is made to tailor internships to match student interests with agency needs.

For more information on the various PHMC functions (State Historic Preservation Office, State Archives, State Museum, Historic Sites and Executive Office) and the specific internship experiences that might be offered as part of each operation, consult our Specific Internship Opportunities by Location page.

Read blog posts from previous interns to learn about the unique opportunities that the Keystone Internship Program offers: