Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett


Governor Corbett addressing jobs for Pennsylvanians

Growing Jobs in Pennsylvania

    • 2011 saw the largest one-year growth in private sector jobs in Pennsylvania since 1999.

    • Due to the Governor’s pro-growth policies, manufacturing job growth in Pennsylvania in 2011 was higher than any year since 1991.

    • The Governor reformed the unemployment compensation system, ensuring employers will no longer face increased costs when hiring.

    • The Governor is helping ensuring all three refineries in the Philadelphia area remain open, guaranteeing hundreds of direct jobs and thousands of jobs in related industries will stay in Pennsylvania.

    • The Governor is working to bring a petrochemical plant to Beaver County that could create up to 20,000 jobs.

    • Governor Corbett fought for Tort Reform, which puts an end to deep-pocket, frivolous lawsuits removing a significant barrier to growth and expansion for small business.

    • The Governor led a bipartisan effort to secure more than $60 million to continue the dredging of the Delaware River, making the Port of Philadelphia more competitive with ports around the country.

    • The Governor’s efforts to expand Keystone Opportunity Zones will spur job growth by providing job creators with tax cuts, credits and exemptions.

    • The Governor’s Manufacturing Tax Credit will help bring the largest single industrial investment to Southwestern Pennsylvania in a generation. This investment will create tens of thousands of good-paying jobs.

    • Governor Corbett also put an end to the Inheritance Tax on family farms, protecting Pennsylvania’s #1 industry.

    • The Governor’s Keystone Works program is a win-win for companies who are hiring and the unemployed looking for work.

    • The Governor helped save 400 jobs at Aker shipyard in Philadelphia and has opened the door to the creation of 1000 more.

Energy Equals Jobs

    • Thanks to Governor Corbett’s pro-energy agenda, the natural gas industry is growing in Pennsylvania, creating 72,000 new job hires and, since 2007, generating more than $1 billion in related revenue.

    • The Governor’s Marcellus Shale reform law creates a regulatory environment that is consistent and predictable, providing the incentive job creators need to relocate and invest in Pennsylvania.

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