Links to selected maps, map series and collections at the State Archives and other sites are listed below:

County and Political Subdivision Maps

  • A copy of the Genealogical Map of the Counties (to purchase a copy of this map, please visit the Pennsylvania Bookstore).
  • A copy of the Pennsylvania Political Subdivisions map, dating from 1965.
  • The publication entitled Incorporation Dates for Pennsylvania Municipalities, published by the Department of Internal Affairs in 1965, contains maps of counites and their various municipalities, as well as incorporation dates.

    Map Collection of the State Archives
  • The guide for Manuscript Group 11, the Map Collection, contains descriptions of over 1,000 maps, which are divided into seven sections, including: 1) Colony and Commonwealth; 2) Counties; 3) Townships; 4) Cities and Boroughs; 5) Boundaries, Topography, Geology, Parks; 6) Transportation (Indian trails, roads and turnpikes, rivers and streams, canals, railroads, air, etc.); 7) Military and Battlefields (French and Indian War, Revolutionary War, Civil War).
  • County maps and atlases, dating from the late 1850s through the 1870s. These selected maps depict property owners, roads, structures, and other surface features.
  • The State Archives' collection of Fowler Birdseye Maps, 1887-1906.  These maps of various Pennsylvania municipalities were drawn by Thaddeus Mortimer Fowler from an imaginary vantage point in the air, from the viewpoint a bird in flight.  They are very attractively, and accurately, rendered - to the point that the characteristics of nearly all of a particular community's buildings are exact, down to the number of windows on each floor.

    Maps and Surveys from the Land Office
  • The Record Group 17 Connected Draft Maps depict original land owners for specific portions of land within selected townships across the state.
  • The Record Group 17 Copied Surveys, which reproduce the original surveys done for persons purchasing unclaimed land directly from the Land Office maintained by William Penn's family, and later by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, are available through the preceeding link.
  • The Record Group 17 Melish-Whiteside Maps include scanned images of county maps from forty-four of the Commonwealth's sixty-seven counties, which were created between 1816 and 1821.
  • The Record Group 17 Warrantee Township Maps depict original land owners for selected townships across the state. FOR TOWNSHIPS OR COUNTIES NOT FOUND IN THE WARRANTEE TOWNSHIP MAPS, FOLLOW THE LINK ABOVE FOR THE CONNECTED DRAFT MAPS.
  • The Record Group 17 Land Office Map Collection Database {#17.522} contains a listing arranged alphabetically by county, then by township, of all the maps contained in this series.  This in ONLY an index, it does not contained scanned images.

    Transportation-related Maps
  • A guide to various Manuscript Group Railroad Map series at the State Archives.
  • Record Group 12 Pennsylvania State Road and Turnpike Maps, 1706-1873, contain over 600 maps depicting various roads and turnpikes throughout the Commonwealth.
  • Record Group 52, the Records of the Department of Transportation (PENNDOT), has two series of transportation-related maps

Maps from Other Sites

  • PennDOT Historic County Maps page: includes road maps of various Pennsylvania counties for the years 1911-2005.
  • PennDOT Maps in PDF page: includes various types of Pennsylvania maps, including: tourism and transportation maps, county maps, township, borough, and city maps, and traffic volume maps. 
  • For a listing of other historic Pennsylvania maps not in the collections of the State Archives, please consult the Historical Maps of Pennsylvania website.
  • The Department of Environmental Protection's (DEP) Pennsylvania Mine Map Atlas, a website created in conjunction with Penn State University, allows researchers to view and download mine maps for specific area in the anthracite and bituminous coal fields. 


Lycoming County Melish-Whiteside Map