Better Automation and Sharing by Law Enforcement (BASLE)

PCCD’s Better Automation and Sharing by Law Enforcement (BASLE) Program enables more efficient cooperation and coordination between Pennsylvania’s Law Enforcement agencies, the first responder community and the entire criminal justice system on a day-to-day basis. The BASLE Program has helped to increase public and officer safety in Pennsylvania.

The long-term impact of the BASLE Program includes:

  1. substantial reduction in the effort needed to successfully locate suspects and stolen property which results in more officers time being freed up for patrol versus routine manual work;
  2. improved information sharing between local police department crime records management systems and county, state-level, federal-level law enforcement and homeland security systems;
  3. comprehensive statewide sharing of information on suspects, vehicles, weapons and criminal incidents related to suspected terrorist threats and actual terrorist situations;
  4. easy access to information shared about the whereabouts of criminal suspects and suspected terrorists and incidents;
  5. insight into criminal activity patterns within their own and other PA counties provided in a near-real-time and actionable format;
  6. proactive approaches to fighting terrorism and enhancing public safety especially during emergency alerts and situations.
The BASLE Program relies on the Law Enforcement Justice Information System (LEJIS) which in turn shares information through the Pennsylvania Justice Network (JNET) with many other justice domains. LEJIS has implemented an innovative cross-boundary and cross-domain information sharing solution focused on enabling information sharing between different components of government. LEJIS helps address numerous Pennsylvania criminal justice issues and public safety issues. LEJIS is a successful and innovative, non-traditional solution that is already national in scope. It is a proven and successful implementation of Law Enforcement incident level information sharing on a local, state, and regional basis.
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