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The legislation and regulations referenced in this website are listed or included for your convenience. However, legislation and regulations can be read online by following these directions.


Under the General Laws and Regulations section, the laws and regulations relate more specifically to homeschooling and private tutoring. All laws and regulations on these topics that are referenced in this website are included.


The Health Laws and Regulations section contains references to the immunizations and medical examination requirements for school children. These sections are referenced and can be read online by following the instructions below.


Legislation (24 P.S. § x-xxx):

- Go to the Pennsylvania General Assembly Session Info webpage  

- Under Find… / Law Information, select the hyperlink Unofficial Purdon’s Pennsylvania Statutes from West

- Select the hyperlink Title 24 P.S. Education (direct link)

- Expand the link Chapter 1. Public School Code of 1949

- Expand the Article for the information you are seeking and continue to drill down



- Title 22 Education (22 Pa Code §)

- Title 28 Health and Safety (28 Pa Code §)   



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