Lead Information Line  

Information and Referral Specialist from the Lead Information Line provides information by phone or written information by mail to callers such as: parents, physicians, contractors and homeowners about lead poisoning, prevention and control.   
Childhood lead poisoning at low levels may make learning difficult, interfere with growth, harm hearing and delay development.  At high levels, lead may cause coma, convulsions and even death.  The leading cause of lead poisoning is lead dust from lead-based paint, which was used in most homes until 1978.  Children under age 6 are most at risk, because they put their hands and other things in their mouths.  If your home was built before 1978, it is important to have your home and your children tested.
The Lead Information Line, 1-800-440-LEAD (5323), helps callers by providing information on, but not limited to, the following topics:
  • Prevention and control issues regarding lead poisoning;
  • Lead hazard reduction;
  • Screening and treatment of children who may be at risk for lead poisoning;
  • Environment management, resources for inspection, abatement and laboratory analysis for lead;
  • Current research on lead from U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC);
  • Current state legislation and federal regulations and policies; and
  • Current consumer alerts regarding lead.

Concerned citizens can request copies of the Keeping your Child and Home Safe from Lead Poisoning  (Spanish version) brochure for parents to learn about the risk factors for lead poisoning and to thereby minimize their child's exposure before poisoning occurs.  

Contact Information:
Bureau of Family Health
Division of Community Systems Development and Outreach
Lead Poisoning Prevention and Control Program
625 Forster St.
7th Floor, East Wing
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17120-0701