Interpretive Letters


The Department of Banking uses interpretive letters to provide guidance and clarification of its position on an issue at the time.


You should contact your attorney for legal advice.


Interpretive letters are listed under the laws and regulations to which they apply. 


      •    Banking Code of 1965
      •    Check Casher Licensing Act
      •    Consumer Discount Company Act 
      •    Credit Services Act 
      •    Credit Union Code
      •    Loan Interest & Protection Law ("Act 6")
      •    Money Transmitter Act
      •    Mortgage Bankers & Brokers & Consumer Equity Protection Act 
      •    Mortgage Licensing Act
      •    Motor Vehicles Sales Finance Act
      •    Pawnbrokers License Act 
      •    Pennsylvania Code
      •    Savings Association Code
      •    Secondary Mortgage Loan Act

This web page does not contain all interpretive letters issued by the Department of Banking.  If you need assistance, contact us.