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NEW! Interdisciplinary Nutrition Education Curriculum

The interdisciplinary nutrition education curriculum includes lesson plans for grades K-12 and is organized into four grade groups (K-3, 4-6, 7-9, and 10-12). The lesson plans are aligned with the Pennsylvania Academic Standards, include activities that encourage physical activity, contain website links to additional resources, and provide ideas that assist schools with implementing the local wellness policy and involving parents, food service, and the community. Select the appropriate grade group below to access and download the lesson plans.  
MyPlate vs. MyPyramid  (pdf) 
It has not been determined when the lesson plans will be updated with the new MyPlate materials.  In the meantime, the following handout provides guidance that MyPyramid can be used with MyPlate materials.  MyPlate and MyPyramid… Can they be used together?

Summary of 21 Lesson Plans - (Word)
Summary of 21 Lesson Plans - Print Version (pdf)   
Curriculum Allignment With PA Academic Standards - (Word)  
Curriculum Allignment With PA Academic Standards - Print Version (pdf)  
Summary of Essential Questions - (Word)
Summary of Essential Questions - Print Version (pdf) 
Grades K-3

Wash Away those Germs (K-1)
Fruit and Vegetable Picnic (K-1)
MyPyramid for Kids – Food Groups
MyPyramid for Kids – Nutrition Basics
MyPyramid - Fruits and Vegetables
MyPyramid - Healthy Snacks

Grades 4-6

Comparing Your Diet to MyPyramid
Nutrition Literacy
Label Reading
Calcium in Your Diet
Make Half Your Grains Whole

Grades 7-9

Dietary Guidelines for Americans
Factors Influencing Teen Food Choices
The Food-Media Connection
The Basics of Energy Balance
Portion Distortion 

Grades 10-12

Factors Influencing Adult Food Choices
Less Expensive Eating Begins at Home
An Energy Balancing Act
Heart-Healthy Eating
Sustainable Diet:  Healthful Eating for Our Bodies and Our Planet 

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