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This project is dedicated to teachers who tackle the challenges of the classroom everyday with energy and creativity. Thank you for caring about nutrition and your students’ health.

Irene Berman-Levine, PhD, RD
Mary Ann Mihok, PhD, RD
Project Directors
Nutrition Program Planning

M. Colleen McCann, MPH, RD, Evaluation Coordinator
McCann Cannard & Associates

This project would not have been possible without the contributions of many individuals across many disciplines. A particular thank you for the support of Cheryl Oberholser and Vonda Fekete from the Pennsylvania Department of Education, Division of Food and Nutrition (DFN); Star Campbell and Lisa M. Becker, nutrition consultants, and the many teachers who shared their years of experience and assisted in pilot testing the nutrition lessons.

A special thank you to the following individuals:

Specialized Input or Review:

Star Campbell, Nutrition Consultant
Jean Farrell Kelleher and Lydia Hess, Family and Consumer Science Program Specialists
Shirley Black, Health, Safety and Physical Education Program Specialist
Frank Marburger, Mathematics Program Specialist
Steven Dear, Science and Technology Program Specialist
Patti Vathis, Environment & Ecology Program Specialist
Kathy Yiengst, Pennsylvania Department of Education, DFN
Maryn Grubbs and Lou Southard, PA Department of Education Web Office
Sue L. Fisher, PA Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America
Alison Topper and Lisa Bailey-Davis, PA Advocates for Nutrition and Activity
Nancy Neusbaum, Curriculum Specialist  
Suzann Schiemer, APHERD Consultant
Claire Ann Stitzell, Family and Consumer Science Consultant/Teacher
Jessica Jacobs, Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening Consultant
Lisa Becker, Health Education Consultant
Suzanne Pelican and Mary Kay Wardlaw, WIN Wyoming
Mike Sands, Management Consultant
Marianne Glass Miller, Public Information and Communications Branch, National Institute of Child Health and Human Development
Barbie Snore, Principal of Hayshire Elementary School in Central York
Hadiyah Cleveland, Pennsylvania Department of Education, DFN

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania teachers who pilot tested the lesson plans:

Debra Hervitz
Jessica Jacobs 
Marilyn Klein
Pam Best
Linda Brown
Jennifer Reese
Vanessa Edwards
Matt Buletza
Joan Amato
Lynn Darlington
Courtney Egal
Tiff Cleas
Ellen Moon
Wava Baer
Lori Shafaye
Jane-Marie Terefencko
Jackie Price
Donna Rotoloni
Healther Wolfe
Mary Newett
Claire Stitzel
Valeria Ehlo
Elizabeth Weaver
Jean Krause

Document Production:

Lisa M. Becker
Benchmark Media Group, Shawn
Devon Wiekrykas  
Penny Heimbaugh

For additional information, please contact:

Cheryl Oberholser MS, RD, LDN | Public Health Nutrition Consultant
Pennsylvania Department of Education - Division of Food and Nutrition
333 Market Street | Harrisburg, PA 17126
Phone: 800.331.0129 x62374657
coberholse@pa.gov | www.education.state.pa.us