Lethal Weapons Training Program

PSP LWT Application Forms  
  Name Description
PDF Documents SP 8-200 Act 120 Academy Graduate Waiver SP 8-200 rev 4-2014
PDF Documents SP 8-200A Physical Examination SP 8-200A Physical Examination
PDF Documents SP 8-200B Psychological Examination SP 8-200B Psychological Examination Form
PDF Documents SP 8-200C Police Officer Exemption Application SP 8-200C Police Officer Exemption Application rev 4-2014
PDF Documents SP 8-205 Agent Certification Renewal Application SP 8-205 Application for Renewal of Agent Certification
PSP LWT Act 235 School Authorities  
  Name Description
PDF Documents SP8-210A_Grade_Report_Sheet.pdf SP8-210 A - Grade Report Sheet - Lethal Weapons Training Act
PDF Documents LWT_School_Registration_Steps.pdf Steps for authorization to enter grades using the Lethal Weapons Training Program Site
PDF Documents LWT_School_Authority_Registration_Form.pdf School Authority Registration Form - Authorizes Individual to submit school grades via the PSP Lethal Weapons Web Applicaiton