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Library Statistics

The Office of Commonwealth Libraries, Bureau of Library Development compiles public library statistics from the Pennsylvania Public Libraries Annual Reports.  These statistics are used to determine eligibility for State Aid to Public Libraries. In addition, these statistics represent Pennsylvania’s public libraries in the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) national data collection program for public libraries.

Pennsylvania institution library statistics are compiled and published in the Pennsylvania Library Statistics annual.

Pennsylvania academic library statistics are collected and published in the Pennsylvania Library Statistics annual on even numbered years. 

Public Library Statistics

2012 (Excel) (PDF)
2011 (Excel) (PDF)
2010 (Excel) (PDF)
2009 (Excel) (PDF)
2008 (Excel) (PDF)

 Previous Years of Public Library Statistics

Library Service Area Designation

Public libraries in Pennsylvania provide library service to the municipalities that make up their service area.  The U.S. Census Bureau population figures are used to determine the population of the library's service area.  The service area data for each library of the 29 library districts can be found under 2010 Library Census Data.

Academic Library Statistics

2010 (Excel) (PDF)
2008 (Excel) (PDF)
2006 (Excel) (PDF)
(Excel) (PDF)

Institution Library Statistics

2010-11 (Excel) (PDF)
2009-10 (Excel) (PDF)
2008-09 (Excel) (PDF)
2007-08 (Excel) (PDF)

 Previous Years of Institution Library Statistics

Library Statistics for Other States