The Pennsylvania Department of Banking and Securities licenses and regulates financial institutions throughout the Commonwealth, including:

Non-Depository Institutions

       •   Check Cashers 
       •   Consumer Discount Companies (non-mortgage)
       •   Credit Services Loan Brokers 
       •   Debt Management 
       •   Money Transmitters 
       •   Mortgage Licensees 
       •   Motor Vehicle Finance Companies
       •   Pawnbrokers 

Find a bank, credit union or mortgage company or professional near you. For issues or questions regarding a license application, contact the Licensing Division or call 717.787.3717. For compliance issues, contact the Compliance Division or call 717-772-3889.


       •   Broker-Dealers 
       •    Agents
       •   Investment Advisers
       •   Investment Adviser Representatives 
       •    Federally Covered Advisers (Notice Filers)


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