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Licensed/Registered Schools

The Pennsylvania Department of Education has provided a database of all recognized schools in the Commonwealth.  This database includes all licensed private academic schools and registered nonpublic nonlicensed (religious) schools. 

If the school you are searching for does not appear in the database, the school is probably not recognized by the Pennsylvania Department of Education as a school that meets the Compulsory School Attendance Law.

Boarding Schools

Below is a link to a list of boarding schools in the Commonwealth.  These schools are accredited through accrediting associations.  If you have questions relating to one of these schools, please contact the accrediting association in which the school is accredited. 

Accredited Schools

Please note that no nonpublic or private academic school in Pennsylvania is required to be accredited.  A school can choose to accredit through an approved accrediting association.  All accredited schools are listed in the system as nonpublic nonlicensed however, some of these schools have maintained their licensure through the department, as well as the accreditation status.  To see a list of accredited schools, you may click on the accrediting associations website.  These are the three organizations recognized by the Pennsylvania Department of Education to accredit nonpublic and private schools.  If a school is accredited only, and no longer licensed by the department, you will need to contact the accrediting association for questions or concerns about the school.

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