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Local Governement  

Welcome to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Cyber Security section for Local Government. The risks associated with exposure to cyber dangers know no geographic or governmental boundaries. Threats such as identity theft, worms and viruses, loss of sensitive information and other malicious activity are part of the ever-evolving cyber security threat landscape that we all face. We must be diligent about understanding the risks and taking appropriate steps to mitigate them. Government has a responsibility to its citizens and business partners--both public and private--to safeguard the information with which it is entrusted.

Local governments represent a vast diversity in terms of geography, population and resources. They can range from those with local government representatives who work out of their homes to those which are the size and complexity of some states. Yet no matter what the size or complexity of the local government, we are all connected to one another and face the same threats.

It is in the best interest of all to work together to build better communication to help detect, protect, respond and recover effectively.

One of our first priority's was making available important cyber security education and awareness resources for localities on addressing information security challenges. The Local Government Information Security: Getting Started Guide is a brief, practical reference intended for smaller entities that may not have the technology or information security expertise of other entities and therefore need a basic how to get started resource. The Guide provides a general overview of issues, and is particularly helpful for increasing the information security awareness level of those local government staff in non-technical positions (such as elected officials and administrators). The Guide is supplemented by a series of appendices which cover specific topics in more depth. The first release in its appendices is the Beginners Guide to Firewalls.