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Reporting requirements
All drivers of Commonwealth fleet vehicles are required to report all accidents and incidents to their immediate supervisors and DGS Customer Service Division (CSD) within 1 business day of the occurrence.


All accidents, regardless of cost, require completion of forms STD-541 (Automobile Accident or Loss Notice) to be submitted to DGS Customer Service Division (CSD) within 1 business day.


Drivers must obtain and report the following information:
  o Names and addresses of all persons involved
  o License number of all vehicles involved
  o Names and address of all witnesses
  o Location of accident/incident, including County
  o Date and time
  o Tickets issued
  o Police report reference number, if possible

If vehicle is towed from the accident scene, the following information is required:

o Name, address and phone number of towing company (This information will reduce the amount of storage charges charged to the agency)
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