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Management Directives

Please Note: The attachments are available in Adobe PDF format. If you would like to view a copy and do not have a copy of the current version of Adobe Acrobat Reader installed or as an add-on to your browser, you may download the Adobe Acrobat Reader at no cost from Adobe's web site. This viewer provides the capability to view and print the document. Questions regarding specific content or policy implementation and/or policy changes, should be directed to the agency that executed the document. Any problems or questions concerning this site or the display of the documents listed should be directed to the Directives Management System at 717-783-5055.

* The documents posted on this site are the most current versions available.

Budget (105-110)

  • Open 105-1.pdf 105.1 Allocation and Allotment of Funds for ICS Transactions  10/22/1984
  • Open 105-2.pdf 105.2 - Contingent Commitments  07/02/1985
  • Open 105-4.pdf 105.4 Allocation and Allotment of Funds for non-ICS Transactions  10/22/1984
  • Open 105-5.pdf 105.5 Use of the Determination of Tax-Exempt Category for Capital Projects Form  09/12/1991
  • Open 110-2.pdf 110.2 Request for Approval of Federal Fund  01/14/1985
  • Open 110-3.pdf 110.3 - Budgeting and Accounting for Federal Appropriations  05/29/1985