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Act 57 of 1996 amended the Workers' Compensation Act and mandated a number of changes in the way Workers' Compensation medical services are managed. The Impairment Rating Evaluation Program is one of the changes that requires the participation of carriers, third-party administrators and self-insured employers as well as physicians and injured workers relative to the scheduling, conduct and reporting of the evaluations.

Included in this site is a list of physicians who have been certified by the Department of Labor and Industry, Bureau of Workers' Compensation, to perform Impairment Rating Evaluations as delineated in Section 306 (a.2)(1) of the Workers' Compensation Act. Such evaluation can be conducted after 104 weeks of total disability on an injury that occurred on or after June 24, 1996.

In situations where a voluntary agreement has been reached between the parties regarding an IRE, a consenting physician may be selected from the list or the parties may agree on another physician. The physician agreed to by the parties must meet the statutory qualification requirements of Act 57 regarding Impairment Rating Evaluations.

In situations where the authorized party files the appropriate Request for Designation of a Physician to Perform an Impairment Rating Evaluation (LIBC-766), the Bureau of Workers' Compensation will designate a certified, approved physician from the Department's list based on the county of residence of the injured worker.
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