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Winter 2012

ERMS Updates


FILE OR BOX REQUESTS -All agency requests for boxes or files stored at the State Records Center (SRC) must be submitted through ERMS, the enterprise records management system that maintains the Commonwealth's retention and disposition schedule as well as the SRC inventory.  As of February 1st, unless there are special circumstances (some agencies do not have access to the system) we will no longer take requests via email or the STD-61.  If an email request is sent, the requestor will receive an email in return notifying them that they must submit the records request via ERMS and if they need assistance using ERMS, they should contact their Records Coordinator (RC) for further instructions.

CURRENT REPORTS - Records Coordinators and Alternate Records Coordinators have the capability to generate reports.  Always make sure that you are using the most current retention and disposition schedule as well as the most current bureau authorized personnel list.    Please make sure agency staff is provided with the most current reports to use.  The most current General Retention Schedules are available on the OA website or the PHMC website.

UPDATING AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL - RCs are responsible for maintaining their agency’s authorized records requestor personnel list.  Authorized users are allowed to request certain records specified by the RC from the SRC.  RCs should:

·Add authorized users who require access to records.

·Delete authorized users no longer with the agency or who no longer require access.

· Amend authorized users that have moved within the agency and should no longer have access to records or need access to different records, or need access to new records.

NOTE: When records series are added, the appropriate authorized requestors need to be given access to these records.

To make any changes, please complete the authorized personnel form and instructions found in the right hand box with records management forms and manuals on the PHMC website:  Submit to Linda Avetta (

State Records Center

records center
records center

UPDATING BUREAU NAMES AND CODES – If an agency has reorganized or added or deleted a function, the agency records retention and disposition schedule should reflect these changes.  RCs should submit changes to agency bureau codes and names by submitting the old name and code along with the new name and code as well as the records series are under the new bureau.  These changes may be submitted by email to

 FILE REFERENCES-  When requesting file records it is VERY important to not duplicate a record by creating a new file (See chapter 3 in the Basic Requestors Guide). Whenever requesting records:

·         First query the box (via OmniBOX).  If box is signed out to a user, do not request the file.

·         Then query by the box (via OmniFILE) by entering the box barcode.

·         Scroll through all the files in the box to see if the file you want is already created. 

·         IF the file IS created,

- look to see if the location is  a users name (which means it is checked OUT), OR
- look to see if there is a checkmark in the box "Request Exists" (which means someone has already requested it and it is queued up to be processed). 
If either of those cases is TRUE.  Do NOT request the file.

·         If the file is NOT already created, or if querying by the box via OmniFILE results in “No Records Found”, only then should a New by Box record be created.


If you do not have a copy of the ERMS Basic Search & Request Request Guide, please contact   Additionally, if you have requested and not received a file within a timely manner, please contact the SRC prior to creating a new reference. 

EMERGENCY REQUESTS -If a requestor has an emergency file request, please enter the request in ERMS and then CALL 717-787-2911 to let the SRC know that an emergency request has been entered into ERMS.

RETURNING FILES/BOXES- If reusing boxes to return files that belong in boxes already stored at the SRC, it is imperative that you remove any labels from the outside of the box.  The outside of the box should clearly state that it contains returned files.   Additionally, do not place labeled OPF/P-79 files inside of any box containing return files, return OPFs in a separate box or envelope.  

OPF/P-79 – New shipments of OPF/P-79s should not contain OFPS that already have an SRC barcode label.   These files should be returned in a separate envelope clearly marked as Official Personnel Folders (OPF)/P-79 returns.   Additionally, Official Personnel Files should be returned to the SRC within 90 days of the employee’s date of separation, with the exception provided in Management Directive 505.18, Maintenance, Release and Access of Employee Information.  If an agency determines there is more than one personnel folder for an employee, please call Shannon Bilger at 717-783-2836 for instructions on combining the files.

RECORD SHIPMENTS- A completed Record Transfer List (STD-59) should be sent to the SRC resource account (  at least 3 days prior to the scheduled shipment date.  Please take care to review all information contained on the STD-59, paying close attention to the date of record for each box.   An error in the date of record will cause the records to either be disposed of prematurely, or be retained longer than needed. 

SCHEDULING RECORD SHIPMENTS-If you have not already scheduled your transfer dates for 2012, please contact Shannon Bilger at (717) 783-2836 or  Transfer dates are filling up fast and are on a first come first serve basis. 

State Archives

RECORDS ACTIONS -To assist agencies with their form submissions for Executive Board approval to update, amend or delete their retention and disposition schedules, the records analysts/archivists are available to review submissions prior to getting agency approval signatures.  The following archivists are responsible for the agencies listed:

Susan Hartman Phone: (717) 787-3913 Agency Responsibilities: Aging, Attorney General, Board of Claims, Unified Judicial System, Community & Economic Development, Corrections, Fish & Boat Commission, Gaming Control Board, PHEAA, Insurance, Liquor Control Board, Lt. Governor, Office of Administration, Probation and Parole, Public Employee Retirement Commission, Public School Building Authority, Public School Employee Retirement Commission, State Employee Retirement Commission, State Police, Transportation

Anne Marie Ickes Phone: (717) 787-7180 Agency Responsibilities:  Legislative Service Agencies, Conservation & Natural Resources, Education, Environmental Hearing Board, Environmental Protection, Game Commission, PHMC, PennVEST, Labor & Industry, Higher Educational Facilities Authority, Housing Finance Authority, Public Welfare, State 

Jerry Ellis Phone: (717) 787-3384 Agency Responsibilities: Agriculture, Auditor General, Banking, Office of Budget, Ethics Commission, General Services, Health, Independent Regulatory Review Commission, Military & Veterans' Affairs, Milk Marketing Board, Emergency Management Authority, Public Utility Commission, Revenue, Securities, Tax Equalization Board, Treasury, Turnpike

ARCHIVES -Records coded 2 or 4 on records retention and disposition schedules are to be reviewed by the State Archives.  Please contact one of the archivists above if the retention on agency records has expired. 

Save the Date

  • April 25, 2012 Records Management Symposium, Keystone Building, Harrisburg, PA.  Contact Audrey Ellen Gaines ( for information.  
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