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Identification and Recruitment (ID&R) of migrant families and students is challenging. The most obvious way to identify students is mobility.  There are, also, very detailed and specific considerations in order to make an eligibility determination.  The federal Office of Migrant Education (OME) at the Department of Education has put forth regulations and non-regulatory guidance, based on federal statute Title I, Part C.  The tool for recruiting a student is the Certificate of Eligibility (COE).  Once the COE has been completed, it is reviewed by a quality control committee.  Only after determination of eligibility, services begin.  ID & R is usually done by referrals from schools, migrant families and employers.  Recruitment can occur in a variety of places – rural, urban or suburban.  Each presents its own challenges.  Collaboration with members of the community is essential to identify and recruit migrant children/youth.  The burden of certifying that a family is migrants for the purpose of services falls on the State Education Agency (SEA), Pennsylvania Department of Education.  

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