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High School - The Student Leadership Institute (SLI) has been in operation since 1989 as an initiative of the Pennsylvania Department of Education, Migrant Education Program (PA-MEP). Each summer 50 high school students attend a 6-day residential college-level institute where they receive instruction in writing, public speaking and community service. The highlight of the SLI is a debate at the PA House of Representatives where students are divided in two groups each representing a different side on an issue that is selected by them in consultation with the director's input. Additionally, students complete their college essays during the SLI. Students are encouraged to return to their communities and become active, contributing members.

Middle School – The 5-day residential middle school leadership program, Youth Power, has been in existence since the year 2010. Youth Power is a revolutionary, innovative and interactive series of student leadership workshops geared towards nurturing the leadership skills within students to achieve personal growth, resulting in a desire to create positive change in their lives and community. Over the course of five days, the Youth power team engages students with a combination of motivational, team building activities, small group discussions and individual personal development assignments. Most notably, students prepare and present their educational five-year plan.

Congressional Awards - The Congressional Awards is the United States Congress' Award for Young Americans. It is a non-partisan, voluntary and non-competitive program open to all 14 to 23 year olds. Youth may earn certificates or medals (Bronze, Silver and Gold) depending on their attainment in four areas: Volunteer Public Service, Personal Development, Physical Fitness and Expedition/Exploration. This award is a great opportunity for students to set and accomplish goals and challenges. The award is self-paced. Earning the Award is a fun and interesting way to get more involved in something the youth already enjoy or something they would like to try for the first time. Regardless of the youth's situation, he/she can earn the Congressional Award. The Congressional Award has no minimum grade point average requirements. It accommodates young people with special needs or disabilities who are willing to take the challenge. Many PA-MEP migrant students participate in the Congressional Awards and have earned recognition at the Bronze, Silver and Gold medal ceremonies.

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