Certification process for basic training and waiver of training applicants

How long does the certification process take to complete after an application is submitted ?

If the documentation submitted is complete and does not have to be returned for additional information or correction, the certification process will take between seven to ten business days.

Will the certification process be faster if the application and documents for certification are hand delivered to the Commission office?

NO, door service delays the overall processing of applications. Applications are processed in the order received. 

If an applicant for MPO Certification has been arrested for DUI and ultimately given ARD, can he or she still become a police officer?

Yes, but the arrest and disposition must still be listed on the application in the section requesting arrest history information.

Is there an expiration date for the Act 120 Training?

No, police academy training does not expire; however if significant changes are made to the basic police curriculum to include additional courses, an applicant may be required to complete additional courses.

When an officer resigns, retires or is terminated from a police department, should the Commission receive notification?

Yes, a Change of Status Notice SP8-502 (9-2004) is REQUIRED listing the date of separation on the appropriate line. Completed forms require the department to return the MPOETC certification card that had been issued to the officer.  The information can also be entered through the website www.mpoetc.state.pa.us  and the ID card mailed to MPOETC accompanied by the confirmation page from your web entry.

Can the same physical and psychological exams given to applicants to attend the Act 120 training be used for police officer employment?

No, the physical examination and psychological evaluation required for entering the police academy can not be used for employment.

Which form should be used when a police department hires an officer who is already employed as a certified police officer with another department?

Form SP8-502 (9-2004), Change of Status Notice, should be used when a department hires an officer who is already certified as a police officer through another police department or when a department hires a police officer separated in good standing from a previous department within two years prior to the date of application. The information can also be entered on the website www.mpoetc.state.pa.us.

If an officer loses or misplaces the MPO Certification card, how can a replacement card be requested?

The officer must notify the Chief or Officer in Charge. A Change of Status Notice SP8-502 (9-2004) must be submitted to the Commission staff with the section "Lost or Damaged’ Card checked and pertinent identifying information relating to the officer and the department completed. The information can also be entered on the website www.mpoetc.state.pa.us if the officer is currently certified as a police officer.

What are the minimum requirements for a background investigation?

A background investigation shall include, minimally, a criminal history check, a credit check, personal interviews to determine a five year work history for the applicant, and any other applicable means of determining the individual’s suitability for employment as a police officer.

Is it possible for a police officer from another state to obtain a waiver of training and become certified as a police officer in Pennsylvania?

Yes, the Commission will accept training from another state after you obtain employment or offer of employment as a police officer in Pennsylvania, providing you can supply documentation to the Commission that you were/are certified by that state and were employed as a full-time police officer. If you meet the aforementioned standard, you will be required to take a certification exam. Passing the exam determines eligibility for a waiver of training. You have three opportunities to successfully pass the certification exam.

When an officer is arrested, must the department notify the Commission?

Yes, a Change of Status Notice SP8-502 (9-2004) must be submitted with the information in the arrest blocks completed. Subsequent Change of Status Notices must follow until a final adjudication is given. The information can also be entered on the website www.mpoetc.state.pa.us.