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Action Plans for Local Wellness Policy Goals - Step 3
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Action Plans are Step 3 in the implementation of Local Wellness Policies. Action Plans provide the detail to help bring policies and goals to fruition.

The action plan templates for the top 10 most commonly selected Local Wellness Policy goals are listed below.

-Age Appropriate Nutrition Education Lessons and Activities PDF Word
-Consistent Nutrition Messages PDF Word
-Developmentally Appropriate Physical Activity (New 2/15/2008) PDF Word
-Drinking Water Available During Meal Periods and Throughout the School Day PDF Word
-Hand Washing or Hand Sanitizing PDF Word
-Physical Activity During and After the School Day (New 2/15/2008) PDF Word
-Providing Adequate Space for Eating and Serving School Meals PDF Word
-Safe and Clean Meal Environment for Students PDF Word
-Staff Development for Nutrition Education PDF Word
-Student and Community Access to School/District Physical Activity Facilities (New 2/15/2008) PDF Word



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