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PSBA Food Allergy Management Policy and Administrative Regulations

Template Policy for Food Allergy Management in Schools

Policy 209.1. Food Allergy Management (Policy 209.1 is recommended, but not required.) 

Act 104 of 2010 amended the Pennsylvania School Code to require Pennsylvania schools, the Pennsylvania Department of Education, and Pennsylvania Department of Health to take action on developing the policy, guidance, and resources for managing life-threatening food allergies in schools.

School entities are encouraged, but not required, to develop a policy on managing life-threatening food allergies. PSBA has developed the following model policy to provide guidance to school entities in the management of student food allergies in schools, with a focus on prevention, education, awareness, communication and emergency response.

Template Administrative Regulations for Food Allergy Management in Schools

209.1-AR-0. Food Allergy Management
This administrative regulation contains definitions clarifying the types of documents included under a student's medical plan of care, and incorporates the recommended guidelines developed by the Pennsylvania Departments of Education and Health for accommodating students with food allergies in schools.

209.1-AR-1. Emergency Care Plan
The Emergency Care Plan (ECP) is a sample form which can be used in the development of the student's medical plan of care - the ECP form describes how to recognize a food allergy emergency and what action should be taken by school personnel who observe signs or symptoms of an allergic reaction.

209.1-AR-2. Individualized Healthcare Plan
The Individualized Healthcare Plan (IHP) is a sample form which can be used in the development of the student's medical plan of care - the IHP form provides written directions for school health personnel to follow in meeting the student's healthcare needs.

209.1-AR-3. Medical Plan Of Care
This administrative regulation is a sample form which outlines the accommodations that school food service personnel are required to make for a student with special dietary needs.

209.1-AR-4. Food Allergy Checklist
This administrative regulation is designed as a comprehensive tool that can be used by school entities to identify the elements necessary to manage food allergies in schools, track their implementation, and identify areas that need attention and specific actions that can be taken for improvement.